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eBook - Sib Sen Energy Lines eBook - Professional Thai Massage Book - Thai Massage and Spirituality eBook - Teaching Thai Massage eBook - Thai Massage Book - Thai Healing Arts Reference Book eBook - Traditional Mother & Child Care in Thailand Book - Reusi Dat Ton Hermit Yoga
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Video Workshops

For video samples of our workshops, you may check out our YouTube Channel.
Book & Video | Thai Massage – In the Prone Position Book & Video | Thai Massage – In the Supine Position Book & Video | Thai Massage – In the Side Position Book & Video | Thai Massage – Lower Body Stretches Book & Video | Thai Massage – Upper Body Stretches Barefoot Thai Massage | Video Workshop Book & Video | Thai Massage – Foot and Ankle Manipulation eBook & Video - Thai Massage | Quick Full Body Warm-Up Book & Video | Thai Self-Massage Workshop Video Course - Wat Pho Rue-Si Datton Self-Stretching Exercises Reusi Dat Ton - ITTM’S 15 Exercises | Book & Video Video Workshop - Reusi Dat Ton Advanced Exercises – 21 Standing Sequences eBook & Videos - Reusi Dat Ton Support Guide
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Discounted Bundles

Pay What You Want

We feel that PWYW pricing honors a fair and value based purchasing model in which aspects like wealth, perception, and appreciation are taken into account.

Our website visitors originate from a variety of countries, each with different standards of living. Hence, by setting a low minimum price for our products we can accommodate visitors who have less purchasing power.

Each one of us has different motives for buying a product and therefore attaches different value to a purchase. We think it’s fair to let buyers pay the price they are willing to pay, based on their perception of the value of a certain eBook or video.

Mind that we are a small enterprise in a big-players’ world, and we’d like to give those who appreciate our work — and can or are willing to afford it — the opportunity to pay a higher price. That’s always very welcome, and helps us to keep doing the things we’re doing.

How Does It Work?

In view of the above, we decided to simply put our trust in buyers to pay a fair price.

So, what you’ll see is that our products have a set minimum price — US$ 0 or higher. It’s then up to you to pay what you want, wish, like, feel, or can, being the minimum price or more.

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After you’ve chosen one of our eBooks or Video Workshops it will be added to a Shopping Cart, which is also the Checkout page where you can finalize your payment. Through the Checkout page you can also remove or add products.

You can likewise add more items to the Shopping Cart by choosing products from Our Store (the page you are on now), through a product eBook or Video Workshop cover in one of our posts, or through a product details page.

If you experience difficulties accessing the Checkout page, just click or tap here to proceed to Checkout.

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How Do You Receive Our Products?

We work with Gumroad, a reputable and established digital downloads service provider and payment processor.

After buying a book or video you can immediately download it in one or all formats of your choice (PDF, EPUB, and MOBI for eBooks, and MP4 for videos).

We will also send you an email with a link to the downloads so that you can re-download your product anytime you’d like to.

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Device Support and Readability

For those who own a smartphone, an easy way to read our eBooks and watch our videos is to use the free Gumroad App, for instance available on Google Play Store or on Apple App Store. The Gumroad App is offered to you automatically, immediately after you've bought a product of ours, and it's optional to install on your device.

Nonetheless, our eBooks and videos can be easily downloaded and read or viewed on all common devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, notebooks, smartphones, and tablets, without needing to use the Gumroad App.

Our eBooks can also be read instantly online with our online reader, and with eReader devices, including the Kindle eReader. Our MP4 videos can be downloaded and viewed in any appropriate media player, or instantly streamed online with our online viewer.

All regular Operating Systems (OS) are supported, such as MS Windows, Apple Mac OS, and Google Android.

PDF files can be read on smartphones, desktop computers, laptops, notebooks, tablets, and eReaders. EPUB files are suitable for all generic eReader devices, eReader smartphone apps, and Kindle eReader. The MOBI file format is likewise supported by many eReaders, but was specifically designed for the Kindle eReader.

Depending on the screen size and apps available or downloaded on your device, either PDF, EPUB or MOBI will be best. MP4 video formats are widely supported by computers and smartphones, and by many other devices.

After buying a product you can immediately (or at a later moment) download all formats, and/or view/read the product(s) online. If you use a Kindle, you can instantly send PDF and EPUB files to your Kindle device using your Kindle email address.

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