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What is this Book about?

In this book, we explore the origins and concepts of Body De-Armoring, we discuss the techniques, the actual De-Armoring practice, the body parts that can or need to be De-Armored, and we look at some of the best known treatment modalities.

Body De-Armoring (also known as Somatic De-Armoring or Emotional De-Armoring) has become an important addition to therapies that address emotional, sexual, and trauma healing. It’s a Mind-Body Therapy (Somatic Therapy) that works with both the person’s physical and emotional/mental level.

The focus of De-Armoring is predominantly on experiential and hands-on somatic bodywork in order to release repressed emotions and trauma that have become “stuck” in the body (the latter being called the Body Armor).

That is, an armored body reflects emotional issues in the form of physical tensions, contractions, and/or numbness, which on their part restrict or inhibit the affected person to function healthily or optimally on both a physical and emotional/mental level.

At any rate, physical and emotional Armoring and subsequent De-Armoring is a multi-faceted topic, and we think to have created a well-researched, insightful, and clear reference guide that sheds light on this intriguing therapeutic domain.

Please note that this book aims at providing you with a conceptual understanding of the topic and is not intended as a training course.

Table of Contents

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