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Sensual Erotic MassageFirst published: January 2021
Last update: September 2021
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What is this eBook about?

This book is a treatments reference guide of the best known and most popular sensual erotic massages, focusing on what types and variations of sensual massages exist and what they are about.

We start the book by giving you a general introduction to the concepts surrounding sensuality, eroticism, and sensual erotic massages.

Subsequently, we list and describe an extensive set of Sensual Erotic Massage treatment modalities, followed by a supplementary section with additional info on related topics.

This book is not a training course and doesn't contain instructions of techniques, but aims at providing you with a thorough understanding of the topic presented.

Table of Contents

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Open Preview
~ Sensuality and Eroticism 7
~ Sensual Erotic Massages 8
~ Sensual, Sexual, and Genital Treatments 10
~ Emotional and Trauma Release 12
~ Intimacy and Sensual Erotic Massage 15
~ Massage Tools and Techniques 18
~ Treatment Protocols and Consent 22
~ Anal, Rosebud and Bottom Massage 25
~ BDSM Massage 27
~ Body to Body Massage 28
~ Body Slide Massage 29
~ Bondassage® 30
~ Clitoris Massage 32
~ Couples Erotic Massage 33
~ De-armoring Bodywork 34
~ Elysium® 36
~ Erotic Breast Massage 37
~ Erotic Candle Massage 38
~ Escort Erotic Massage 39
~ Fantasy and Roleplay Massage 40
~ Femdom Massage 41
~ Foam Massage 42
~ Four Hands Massage (Duo Massage) 43
~ Full Body Sensual Massage (FBSM) 44
~ G-Spot Massage (Sacred Spot or GSM) 45
~ Gay and Lesbian Erotic Massage 47
~ Goddess Massage 48
~ Happy Ending and Full Service Massage 49
~ In-Call and Outcall Erotic Massage 51
~ Kashmiri Tantric Massage 52
~ Kinkassage® 53
~ Kinky and Fetish Massages 54
~ Masturbation and Self-Massage 55
~ Multi-Orgasmic Practices 57
~ Mutual Touch Massage 58
~ Nude Massage 59
~ Nuru Massage 60
~ Orgasm Control and Edging 62
~ Orgasmic Yoga 64
~ Partner Massage 65
~ Penis Massage 66
~ Perineum Massage 67
~ Porn Yoga 69
~ Prostate Massage 70
~ Prostate Orgasm Massage 72
~ Reverse Body Slide Massage 74
~ Rub and Tug Massage 75
~ Self: Cervix 76
~ Self-Service Massage 77
~ Sensual Erotic Oil Massage 78
~ Sexological Bodywork 79
~ Slippery Massage 81
~ Soapy and Bathing Massage 82
~ Skydancing Tantra® 83
~ Tantrassage 85
~ Tantric Bodywork 86
~ Tantric Couples Massage 87
~ Tantric Lingam Massage 88
~ Tantric Massage (Tantra Massage) 90
~ Tantric Yoni Massage 93
~ Tao-Massage 96
~ Taoist Breast Massage 98
~ Taoist Erotic Massage 100
~ Tenga Egg Massage 102
~ Testicles Massage 103
~ Tie and Tease Massage 106
~ Vaginal Massage 107
~ Yin-Yang Massage 108
~ Yoni Egg Massage (Jade Egg) 110
~ Yoni Wand Massage 115
~ Aphrodisiacs 117
~ Erotic Massage Parlors 119
~ Genital Mapping 120
~ Girlfriend Experience (GFE) 121
~ Massage and Sex-Work in Thailand 122
~ Sensual Erotic Massage Treatment Offerings 125
~ Sensual Erotic Massage Training 127
~ Tantra and Neo-Tantra Practices 130
~ Tantric and Taoist Practices 136
~ The Kama Sutra 138
~ The Lingam 140
~ The Yoni 142
~ Types of Female Orgasms 147
~ White, Red, Dark and Black Tantra 149
~ Yoni Spot-ology (A, C, G, K-Spot & more) 154

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