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Asian Traditional Midwifery – The Key Postpartum Concept of Regaining Heat
November 20, 2019
Traditionally in Asia, but also in some other parts of the world, the balance between “hot” and “cold” is an important theme. It affects multiple behavioral patterns, such [ ... ]

Baimint Spa Academy Bangkok | Review
November 19, 2019
A bit confusing perhaps, but the Baimint Spa Academy in Bangkok runs five websites, plus two additional Facebook sites. Moreover, all sites are in the Thai language, which makes it [ ... ]

The Indian Concept of Karma
November 18, 2019
According to the Indian concept of Karma “… doing good, will bring good and doing bad, will bring bad.” It means we in fact gain or lose “points” depending on our action [ ... ]

Traditional Thai Herbs and Applications After Childbirth
November 17, 2019
Thai Traditional Medicine has a variety of treatments to promote recovery and healing of the mother after childbirth. A popular and much used treatment modality is the use of cert [ ... ]

Traditional vs Contemporary Postpartum Treatments in Thailand
November 17, 2019
Research in past years has suggested that Yu Fai and other traditional Midwifery practices will vanish in Thailand due to modernization, the dominance of Western medicine, and becau [ ... ]

The Application of Traditional Herbal Medicine in Thailand
November 16, 2019
In Thailand, medicinal herbs are part of the holistic system of Thai Traditional Medicine which takes into account healing mind, body, and spirit. With adequate knowledge of medi [ ... ]

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Asian Traditional Bodywork and Spiritual Traditions
Perhaps not so much thought about, but quite some of the Asian Traditional Bodywork modalities also have an explicit spiritual aim. Of course, nowadays, getting a massage or doing Y [ ... ]

Thai Massage Training Events in Thailand | Season 2019-2020
In Thailand, the tourist high season is about to start. The season roughly runs from November up to April and it's the time of year of the highest tourist influx, visitors comi [ ... ]

An Understanding of Vipassana Meditation Training in Thailand
The Buddhist temples in Thailand were (and still are) the principal learning centers for Vipassana meditation and Buddhism, and often also centers of education on numerous other sub [ ... ]

Nuad Chaloeisak or Folk Thai Massage in Thailand
Nuad Chaloeisak is the most common style of Thai Traditional Massage in Thailand originating and applied within family households and in the public arena. It goes by several other n [ ... ]

12 Unique and Exotic Thai Massage Spas in Chiang Mai | Thailand
Thailand is of course one of the best known spa and wellness destinations in the world, and massage treatment establishments can be found in abundance and just simply everywhere acr [ ... ]