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  • Thai Massage Schools and Training Courses in Taiwan
    The island of Taiwan is officially called the Republic of China (ROC) and is a state in East Asia. Taiwan was formerly known as Formosa. The country has a population of about 23 million souls. The capital city is Taipei City, better known as Taipei, […]
  • Traditional Thai Postpartum Treatments in Thailand | Yu Fai
    Thai Traditional Postpartum care and treatments are still popular in current Thai culture and are continued by close female family relatives of those who give birth. The traditional postpartum practice in Thailand is strongly related to the concept […]
  • 15 Cheapest Thai Massage Schools and Courses of Chiang Mai
    Not only the quality of a Thai Massage course, but surely also the price is important to us. Everybody has a certain budget and a limited amount to spend accordingly. In this post we look at which Thai Massage schools and trainers in Chiang Mai […]
  • Thai Fire Therapy Courses in Thailand | Yam Khang
    Thai Traditional Fire Therapy or Yam Khang is an ancient Northern style Lanna Thai healing practice that uses heat (fire), oils, and only the feet to massage and treat the body of the patient. The aim of the treatment is to help relieve muscle, […]
  • Thai Massage Spa Management Training Courses in Chiang Mai
    As Thailand is one of the most popular Thai Massage Spa and Wellness treatment and education destinations in the world, it’s subsequently likewise the country where Spa Management training is often implicitly and, increasingly, explicitly part […]
  • Thai Massage Schools for Japanese Students in Thailand
    The continuously growing number of Japanese tourists in Thailand didn’t overlook Thai Massage. Like Thailand, Japan is a “massage country,” and getting bodywork treatments is very popular. For the Thai Massage schools and training centers in […]
  • Traditional Thai Pharmacy Training and Courses in Bangkok
    The Traditional Thai Pharmacy practice comprises of the use of medicinal materials or components derived from plants, animals or minerals, which are used as traditional medicines. Furthermore, it involves the art of compounding those ingredients […]
  • Best Known Thai Massage Schools and Training in Chiang Mai
    In this post we give you an overview of the best known and most popular Traditional Thai Massage schools and teachers in Chiang Mai. Mind that “most popular” or “best known” doesn’t necessarily mean “the […]