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Ramana Maharshi and Self-Inquiry | Who Am I?
November 14, 2019
Ramana Maharshi (1879–1950) was an Indian spiritual master, sage, and enlightened-one who spent the biggest part of his life teaching by the holy mountain Arunachala in Tiruvannam [ ... ]

Traditional Breast Massage For Lactation in Thailand
November 12, 2019
It’s believed that breast massage in the postpartum period helps relieve breast pains and breast engorgement, decreases breast milk sodium, produces better quality mother's m [ ... ]

Traditional Thai Dietary Precautions During Pregnancy
November 11, 2019
Traditionally in Thailand, it’s thought that specific food products should be limited or avoided or---by contrast---being consumed during pregnancy. Certain nutrition is said to i [ ... ]

U.G. Krishnamurti | The Radical Anti-Guru
November 8, 2019
U.G. Krishnamurti (1918–2007) has always claimed not to be a guru or teacher and moreover, that the whole idea of Enlightenment is a myth, fraud, a scam. Widely known as the anti- [ ... ]

Thai Massage Schools and Training Courses in Italy
November 5, 2019
Traditional Thai Massage is popular in Italy, and as for schools and training courses, Italy is quite a big player. You'll find trainers across the country in cities like Rome, [ ... ]

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Thai Massage Training Events in Thailand | Season 2019-2020
In Thailand, the tourist high season is about to start. The season roughly runs from November up to April and it's the time of year of the highest tourist influx, visitors comi [ ... ]

An Understanding of Vipassana Meditation Training in Thailand
The Buddhist temples in Thailand were (and still are) the principal learning centers for Vipassana meditation and Buddhism, and often also centers of education on numerous other sub [ ... ]

Traditional Mother and Child Care Treatments in Thailand
In Thailand, one can find many traditional healing, supportive and restorative treatments that address mother and child care. Generally spoken, one could say that those treatments a [ ... ]

Nuad Chaloeisak or Folk Thai Massage in Thailand
Nuad Chaloeisak is the most common style of Thai Traditional Massage in Thailand originating and applied within family households and in the public arena. It goes by several other n [ ... ]

12 Unique and Exotic Thai Massage Spas in Chiang Mai | Thailand
Thailand is of course one of the best known spa and wellness destinations in the world, and massage treatment establishments can be found in abundance and just simply everywhere acr [ ... ]