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The Craze of Rusie Dutton in Japan
January 25, 2020
Japan, like Thailand, is a “massage country” and in the past two decades the number of Japanese tourists coming to Thailand has been growing significantly. The Japanese didn’t [ ... ]

Traditional Chinese Medicine | What Is it About?
January 25, 2020
Guest Post by Caroline Grootscholte | Praktijk CG In this article I’d like to explain and give a clear picture about Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine differs a lot from Western [ ... ]

Reusi Datton Books, eBooks, and DVDs
January 24, 2020
There are very few (hardcover) books, eBooks or DVDs published with information about Reusi Dat Ton or with teachings of the various exercises and sequences. Anyway, not in non-Thai [ ... ]

Reusi Datton Styles and Applications in Thailand
January 22, 2020
The way Reusi Datton is practiced and taught in Thailand knows a variety of styles and... the practical applications attached to those styles. A certain style taught is generally re [ ... ]

Kon Sau | Thai Hot Stone Compresses and Massage
January 21, 2020
Kon-Sau Hot Stone Compress Massage is a specific variation of a hot stones treatment used as a traditional postnatal heat therapy (part of Thai Yu Fai treatments), and predominantly [ ... ]

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Thai Massage on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity List
Above all, I’m happy. Happy for Thailand, the Thai People, for all Thai Traditional healers and therapists, and for Thai Massage (Nuad Thai). It’s a great honor and recognition [ ... ]

An Understanding of Traditional Sensual, Sexual and Genital Treatments
There’s a thin line between sensual, sexual, and genital massage, energy or bodywork treatments. In fact, they all address our sexuality, but in different ways. Let’s take a lo [ ... ]

Thai Massage Training Events in Thailand | Season 2019-2020
In Thailand, the tourist high season is about to start. The season roughly runs from November up to April and it's the time of year of the highest tourist influx, visitors comi [ ... ]

A Brief History on the Origins of Thai Massage
On websites of Thai spas, Thai Massage parlors, and the like, or on sites of Thai Massage schools and training centers, it's often stated that Traditional Thai Massage is about [ ... ]