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We founded TraditionalBodywork.com in 2018, and we publish articles, ebooks, and video workshops about massage, bodywork, and natural therapies.

Apart from the above we also write about some other things, which includes topics such as spirituality, self-realization, nature, travels, and cultural curiosities.

As we receive website traffic from many different countries, we sell our products through a Pay What You Want buyer-centered model. This ensures a fair, one-size-fits-all pricing solution for our visitors.

We also find it important to offer a pleasant and private user experience. It means that we don’t display pop-ups and slide-ins on our website, nor do we deploy clickbait, cookies, tracking technologies, or user profiling.

Our Team


Helissa is a photographer and English teacher, responsible for website design, photography, videos, posts, ebooks, and book covers.


Marce is a Thai Massage and Reusi Dat Ton practitioner and instructor. He’s responsible for coding and technical maintenance, website content, posts, ebooks, and video workshops.

Guest Posts

We welcome Guest Posts that have an obvious relationship to the content of our website. Think of articles about massage, fitness, wellness, bodywork, natural therapies or traditional medicine, and such.

Check out our Collaboration Portfolio to get an idea of the types of articles we’ve published so far.

Terms and Conditions

If you wish to gain a complete understanding of the way we work, and of the responsibilities and liabilities we take upon us, we kindly invite you to visit our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy pages.


If you have questions or remarks, don’t hesitate to contact us.