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We publish articles, ebooks, and video workshops about massage, bodywork, somatic practices, complementary and alternative therapies, and unconventional lifestyles.

Our eBooks and videos are sold through a Pay What You Want buyer-centered purchasing model. This ensures a fair and value based pricing solution for our visitors.

We also find it important to offer a pleasant and private user experience. It means that we don’t display pop-ups and slide-ins on our website, nor do we deploy cookies, tracking, or other user profiling technologies.

In addition, we aim at supplying concise, honest, factual, and trustworthy information about treatment modalities and practices, without beautifying or exaggerating the so-called “health benefits.”

Our Team

TraditionalBodywork.com was created in 2018 by Elissa and Marce.

Elissa is a photographer and English teacher, and a big fan of Thai Massage and Yoga. She’s responsible for website design, photography, video production, posts, eBooks, and book covers.

Marce is a Thai Massage and Reusi Dat Ton practitioner. He’s responsible for website content, coding and technical maintenance, posts, eBooks, and video workshops.

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