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Thai Massage Training in ThailandFirst published: April 2019
Last update: November 2019
Length: 125 pages
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What Is this Book about?

This eBook is specifically designed to support and guide you with your choice of studying Thai Massage or other Thai Healing Arts in Thailand.

It contains plenty of tips, things to think about, trainer shortlists, and thorough considerations and deliberations to help you successfully learn Thai Massage in the amazing Land of Smiles.

Additionally, the training provider shortlists contain links to trainer websites and Facebook pages.

Table of Contents

~ What Is Thai Traditional Massage? 7
~ What Is Thai Traditional Medicine? 10
~ What Are The Best Thai Massage Schools in Thailand? 13
~ Why People Study Thai Massage in Thailand 16
~ Should You Study Thai Massage in Thailand? 20
~ Best Places and Regions to Study Thai Massage 24
~ 10 Tips for Choosing the Best Thai Massage School 27
~ 5 Thai Massage Course Pitfalls in Thailand 33
~ Thai Massage Styles in Thailand 37
~ Best Time of Year to Study Thai Massage 40
~ Overview of Thai Healing Arts Training Modalities 44
~ Type of Thai Massage Schools 52
~ Trainings, Study Duration, Costs & Prices 55
~ Finding the Cheapest Thai Massage Training 58
~ Deals & Discounts on Thai Massage Courses 60
~ Top 5 Thai Massage Course Subjects in Thailand 62
~ Genital Massage Training in Thailand 64
~ Thai Lanna Folk Healing Arts Training 68
~ Study Abroad Travel Programs In Thailand 74
~ Thai Massage Teacher Training 76
~ How Thai People Learn Thai Massage 79
~ 10 Most Popular Thai Massage Schools In Bangkok 84
~ 15 Most Popular Thai Massage Schools In Chiang Mai 88
~ 10 Most Popular Thai Massage Schools On The Islands –
Koh Phangan, Koh Samui, Phuket 94
~ Internationally Accredited Training Providers in Thailand 97
~ Thai Massage Schools in Thailand for Japanese Students 101
~ Thai Massage Schools in Thailand for Western Students 104
~ Thai Massage Student Visa for Thailand 112
~ Dos and Don’ts in Thailand 114
~ Getting Around in Thailand 117

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