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Sib Sen Energy LinesFirst published: April 2020
Last update: July 2021
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What Is this Book about?

The theoretical foundation of Thai Traditional Massage is based on the concept of Pranic Energy Lines running through the human body. Ten of these lines have special importance in Thai Massage: the so-called “Ten Sen” or Sib Sen (also addressed as Sen Sip or Sen Prathan Sib).

In this thorough and comprehensive book we explore the Sib Sen Energy Lines, covering the concepts, theory, history and origins, disparate perspectives and approaches, correlations with other important Thai Traditional Medicine concepts, Sen Line practice and Sen Line therapy.

Sen SumanaAdditionally, we’ve added detailed charts (maps) of the Sib Sen Energy Line trajectories including their various extensions and branches.

This book is not a training course, it doesn't contain pictures or instructions of techniques, but aims at providing you with a thorough understanding of the topic presented.

Table of Contents

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Open Preview
~ What are the Sib Sen Energy Lines? 6
~ The Origins and History of the Sen 9
~ Sen Lines – The Foundation of Thai Massage 12
~ Sib Sen Theory 14
~ Different Sen Line Names for the Same Sen 16
~ Different Sen Line Charts for the Same Sen 20
~ Are there 72000 Sen Energy Lines? 23
~ The Concept of Lom Pran or Prana 26
~ Body, Citta, and Energy 28
~ Substance and Structure of the Sen Lines 30
~ The Four Elements: Earth, Water, Wind and Fire 32
~ The Sen Lines and the Navel (Umbilicus) 38
~ Sen Lines and the Chakras 40
~ Learning the Sen Lines 42
~ A Pranic View: Pancha Kosha and the Sen Lines 45
~ A Circulatory System Approach of the Sen Lines 48
~ A Myofascial Approach of the Sen Lines 52
~ Ayurveda and Sen Line Theory 54
~ A Kineo-Energetic View of the Sen Lines 56
~ Thai Sen Lines and Chinese Meridians 59
~ A Synthesis of Sen Line Theory 61
~ About Sen Line Therapy 64
~ Sen Line Diagnosis 65
~ Sen Line Injuries and Obstructions 68
~ Sen Line Acupressure 70
~ Acupressure Protocols 72
~ Are Sen Lines Needed to Give Therapy? 74
~ Working with the Sen Lines 76
~ Sen Line Numbering 78
~ Sen Line Branches and Extensions 80
~ Warming Up the Sen Lines before Therapy 82
~ Tools and Techniques to Work the Sen Lines 84
~ Special Massage Techniques to Manipulate the Sen 88
~ Stretches and Correlations with the Sen Lines 92
~ The Four Elements in Correlation with the Sen Lines 94
~ Sen Lines in Correlation with Therapeutic Indications 96
~ Opening the Wind Gates | Blood Stops 98
~ Reflexology and the Sen Lines 101
~ Herbal Compresses and Working the Sen 103
~ Sen Therapy and Sexual Healing 105
~ Low Back Pain and the Sen Lines 107
Sen Lines Charts
~ Sen Sumana 113
~ Sen Ittha 115
~ Sen Pingkhala 117
~ Sen Kalathari 119
~ Sen Lawusang 121
~ Sen Ulangka 122
~ Sen Sahatsarangsi 123
~ Sen Thawari 125
~ Sen Nanthakrawat 127
~ Sen Khitchanna 129
Acupressure Points Chart
~ Chakras 133
~ The Indian Yoga Nadis 136
~ The Chinese Qi Meridians 139

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