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Yoga Nadis Reference GuidePublished: August 2023
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eBook - Tantric and Taoist Massage and Bodywork eBook - Sib Sen Energy Lines Book - Abdominal Massage

What Is this eBook about?

This eBook is an in-depth reference guide about the Yoga Nadis, the Energy Channels that conduct and distribute Prana Vital Life Force through the body.

Three Principal Nadis - Ida Nadi, Pingala Nadi, and Sushumna Nadi

In Yoga theory, the locations and trajectories of the Nadis are often unclear and arguable. The cause of this arises from the classical Yoga texts, which frequently seem to contradict each other.

We’ve decided not to beautify or hide this fact, but simply take an objective approach. That is, the outcomes in our book are primarily based on an extensive exploration of the classical Indian texts and scriptures about Yoga, notably those that supply information about the Nadis.

In our book, we discuss Nadi concepts, closely related theories, Nadi practices and applications. Furthermore, we dive into the pathways, locations, charts, and functions of the fourteen principal Nadis, each Nadi accompanied with citations of the references we’ve encountered in ancient Yoga sources.

Hastijihva Nadi

The Sib Sen Energy Lines, the well-preserved Thai Energy Channel system based on the Nadis, have further helped us in providing an even better viewpoint on the background, make-up, and potential trajectories of the major Nadis. As such, apart from Nadi location charts, we’ve also added charts and brief descriptions of the Sen Energy Lines to the book.

All together, we think that the content of this book can greatly enrich one’s understanding of the Yoga practice and/or enhance one’s Yoga teaching competencies.

As for Thai Massage therapists and teachers, we feel that deeper knowledge of the illustrious Yoga Nadis can be a great addition to the theory and practical application of the Thai Sen Energy Lines.

Please note that this book aims at providing you with a conceptual understanding of the topic and is not intended as a training course.

Table of Contents

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