Pay What You Want

All our products are sold under a Pay What You Want pricing model.


Our website has a broad international audience and we have no definite “home market.” Visitors originate from many different countries with very different standards of living and financial means, and subsequently it’s not easy to set an appropriate price for our products.

In fact, if we would want to cater justly for all countries, we would need to implement different prices for each individual country. Well, that’s a lot of work and quite complicated also, and we’re really not up to that.

So, what we decided to do is simply putting our trust in the buyer to pay a fair price.

How does it work?

What you will see is that our products can be bought for a set minimum price, which can be zero (0) or more. It’s up to you to Pay What You Want, Wish, Like, Feel or Can, being the minimum price or more.