Pay What You Want

Our eBooks and videos are sold by means of a Pay What You Want (PWYW) pricing model.

Why so?

We feel that PWYW-pricing fits well in a fair, value based purchasing model in which aspects like Welfare, Perception, and Appreciation are taken into account. But, let’s explain this further below.

Welfare-Based Pricing
Our website visitors originate from a variety of countries, each with different standards of living.

Hence, by setting a low minimum price for our products we can accommodate visitors who have less purchasing power.

Perception-Based Pricing
Each one of us has different motives for buying a product and therefore attaches different value to a purchase.

We think it’s fair to let buyers pay the price they are willing to pay, based on their perception of the value of a certain eBook or video.

Appreciation-Based Pricing
Mind that we are a small enterprise in a big-players’ world, and we’d like to give those who appreciate our work — and can or are willing to afford it — the opportunity to pay a higher price.

That’s always very welcome, and helps us to keep doing the things we’re doing.

How Does It Work?

In view of the rationale explained above, we decided to simply put our trust in the buyer to pay a fair price.

So, what you’ll see is that our products have a set minimum price — 0 US$ or higher. It’s then up to you to pay what you want, wish, like, feel, or can, being the minimum price or more.

That’s it.