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Thai Massage and SpiritualityFirst published: July 2020
Last update: August 2021
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What Is this Book about?

Physical, emotional and mental healing practices have always had a close connection with spirituality and religion. This doesn’t count for Thai Massage only, but basically for all traditional healing arts.

Traditional Thai Massage in Thailand emerged within a religious context, adopting Buddhist and spiritual animistic principles, which is of importance for the practice until today.

Although we can learn and practice Thai Massage without spiritual connotations, a thorough understanding of the healing power of Thai Massage can only come about if devotional, religious and spiritual aspects are taken into account.

In this book, we explore what spiritual, philosophical and religious practices have influenced or still influence Thai Massage, and how those practices have been materialized in the Thai Massage healing art as we know it today.

This book is not a training course, it doesn't contain pictures or instructions of techniques, but aims at providing you with a thorough understanding of the topic presented.

Table of Contents

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Open Preview
~ Healing, Spirituality and Thai Massage 6
~ Origins of Thai Massage 9
~ Jivaka – The Father Doctor of Thai Medicine 14
~ Buddhism and Thai Massage 17
~ Ayurveda and Thai Massage 21
~ Thai Temples and Thai Massage 23
~ Origins of the Sen Energy Lines 24
~ The Wat Po Temple and Thai Massage 27
~ The Sacred Number 72,000 30
~ The Reusi Hermits of Thailand 33
~ Origins of Reusi Dat Ton (Yogic Self-Stretching) 35
~ Lanna Folk Healing 37
~ The Shivagakomarpaj Traditional Medicine Hospital 40
~ The Four Attitudes – Karuna, Metta, Mudita, Upekkha 43
~ Buddhist Ethics and Thai Massage 45
~ Metta Meditation and Thai Massage 46
~ Lom Pran and Prana – the Wind of Life 48
~ Sen Energy Lines – Foundation of Thai Massage 50
~ Pancha Kosha Philosophy and Thai Massage 52
~ Pranic Chakras and the Sen Energy Lines 55
~ Thai Concept of Life: Body, Citta, and Energy 57
~ The Four Elements: Earth, Water, Wind and Fire 59
~ Thai Massage Practitioner Code of Ethics 66
~ The Wai Khru Ceremony 69
~ Spirituality and Teaching Thai Massage in the West 73
~ Awareness and Spiritual Clarity 75
~ Mystification and Spiritualization of Thai Massage 78
~ Thai Massage Training in Thailand 80
~ Energy, Metta, and Thai Massage 82
~ Thai Massage, Vipassana Meditation, and Mindfulness 85
~ The Spirit of Giving Thai Massage 88
~ Practicing Dhammanamai 91
~ The Commercialization of Thai Massage 93
~ Taoist and Tantric Influences on Thai Massage 97
~ Spiritual Beliefs and Superstitions around Pregnancy & Childbirth 104
~ Buddhist Vipassana Meditation 107
~ Nothing is Necessary, only Metta 110
~ The Spirit Houses of Thailand 113

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