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Traditional Mother & Child Care in ThailandFirst published: November 2019
Last updated: November 2019
Length: 181 pages
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What is this eBook about?

Traditional Mother and Child Care in Thailand is a fascinating domain bringing together a vast range of Thai Healing Arts modalities.

The Thai Folk Healer or Midwife needs to be extremely versatile and well-trained in a variety of treatments, such as Pregnancy and Postpartum Thai Massage, Herbal Ball Compress Massage, Herbal Baths and Herbal Steaming treatments, Abdominal Binding, Spiritual Practices, and Antenatal and Postnatal Dietary Regimes, to name some fields.

Moreover, the therapist needs to accompany a woman and her baby going through various phases: from pregnancy to labor, and from delivery to postpartum period.

In fact, we have very much enjoyed doing research and writing this book and we think we have created a unique and in-depth overview, thoroughly covering Thai Traditional Mother & Child Care concepts, modalities, and treatments, including the best known treatment and training providers in Thailand.

More on this eBook

Below this paragraph you’ll find an overview of the Table of Contents and topics covered. For a quick overview of what Thai Mother & Child Care treatments are about, you may read our post Traditional Mother and Child Care Treatments in Thailand.

Table of Contents

~ Thai Traditional Medicine 9
~ Thai Traditional Midwifery – Moh Tum Yae 11
~ Body, Mind, And Energy In Traditional Thai Medicine 13
~ The Four Body Elements: Earth, Water, Wind And Fire 15
~ Hot And Cold – The Key Postpartum Concept Of Regaining Heat 20
~ Mother And Child Care Treatment Categories 23
~ Thai Herbal Medicine 25
~ Thai Herbal Steam & Heat Treatments 28
~ Thai Herbal Baths 30
~ Pre-Pregnancy And Fertility Treatments 31
~ Dietary Precautions During Pregnancy 32
~ Spiritual Beliefs And Superstitions Around Pregnancy & Childbirth 34
~ General Relaxing Thai Pregnancy Massage 37
~ Kud Thong – Thai Childbirth Massage 39
~ Thai Intrapartum Care & Massage 40
~ Yu Duan – Postpartum Confinement Period 42
~ Yu Fai – Thai Postpartum Care & Massage 45
~ Dietary Restrictions During The Postpartum Period 47
~ Thai Herbs And Applications After Childbirth 49
~ Kao Krachome Steaming 56
~ Thai Womblifting 57
~ Yok Thong & Uterus Massage 58
~ Vaginal Steaming Or Sitting Above Charcoal 59
~ Kon Sau – Hot Stone Compresses 61
~ Ekgakraohm Herbal Steam Baths 62
~ Hot Herbal Compresses 63
~ Heated Salt-Filled Clay Pot Compresses 65
~ Ya Dong Lao 66
~ Postpartum Abdominal Binding 67
~ Traditional Breast Care And Breastfeeding Practices 68
~ Breast Massage For Lactation 72
~ Infant Care After Childbirth 74
~ Thai Baby & Infant Massage 76
~ Auksika Wellness 79
~ Ayurved Clinic 81
~ Baimint Spa Academy 82
~ Bangkok 4 Kids 83
~ Mothers & Babies International (BAMBI) 84
~ Coran Boutique Spa 85
~ Doctor Napa Traditional Thai 86
~ EduQ 87
~ International Association of Infant Massage 88
~ Krist’l D’haene 89
~ Liddle Kidz Foundation 90
~ Pani Spa Thai Massage Center 91
~ Panthai Delivery 92
~ Phenkhae Thai Traditional Medical School 93
~ Prawphai Thai Massage and Spa Training Center 94
~ Rajamangala University Thanyaburi 95
~ Ruen Peeranun 96
~ Sabai Corner Spa 97
~ Spa Born 98
~ Thai Traditional Medicine Development Foundation 99
~ Vichachut Hospital 100
~ Watpo Medical Thai Massage School and Clinics 101
Chiang Mai
~ Baan Hom Samunphrai 104
~ Ban Sabai Resort & Spa Village 105
~ Chiangmai Classic Art Thai Massage School (CCA) 106
~ Chiang Mai Massage School 107
~ Chiang Mai Spa Academy (CMSA) 108
~ Chiang Mai University 109
~ Fah Lanna Spa 110
~ Health Lanna Spa 111
~ IDI Thai Massage Schools 112
~ Jongrak Massage School 113
~ Khun Ni 114
~ NBS Chiang Mai 116
~ Ong’s Thai Massage School 117
~ Pi Jem Thai Massage 118
~ Sensip Training 119
~ Sirichan Thai Traditional Clinic & School 120
~ Spa Mantra Academy 122
~ Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai (TMC) 123
~ Thai Oasis Spa School 124
~ The School of Massage for Health | SMH 125
~ Timmy’s Thai Massage Training Center 126
Chiang Rai
~ Museflower Retreat & Spa 128
~ Luckrez Thai Massage & Spa 130
~ Spa Sirasom 131
Koh Phangan
~ Tao Valley 133
~ Ruenmai Thai Massage School 135
~ Thai Traditional Midwifery – Moh Tum Yae 137
~ Womblifting, Yok Thong And Uterus Massage 141
~ Pregnancy Massage 142
~ Yu Fai Postpartum Care 143
~ Baby &Amp; Infant Massage 145
~ Herbal Compress, Salt Pot, Herbal Steam Bath,
Breast Lactation Massage, Abdominal Binding & Vaginal Steaming 146
~ On The Origins Of The Thai Healing Arts 148
~ Thai Traditional Massage 152
~ Karsai Nei Tsang Genital Detox Massage 154
~ Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal & Internal Organs Massage 157
~ Pregnancy Massage For Relaxation & Health 160
~ Benefits & Risks Of Vaginal Steaming 162
~ Pelvic Floor Muscles Exercises 164
~ Emotional Release During Labor And Postpartum Period 166
~ Intimacy And Intimate Aspects In Thai Massage 168
~ Integrating The Thai Healing Arts With Other Modalities 171
~ Traditional Solutions Vs. Contemporary Problems 173
~ Traditional Vs Contemporary Postpartum Treatments 174
~ Learning The Traditional Arts In Thailand 176

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