Beyond Appearances | eBook

Beyond Appearances

Written by: Team TB
First Published: April 2019
Last Updated: May 2020
Length: 109 pages
Formats: pdf, epub, mobi
Readability: device support
Price: US$ 3 or more if you want.

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What is this eBook about?

This work contains an account of experiences and insights that cover a decade of traveling, living, and working in Thailand. The book aims at sharing with you a deeper understanding of this immensely captivating country.

You will learn more about both contemporary Thailand and its history, about some of the traditional Thai Arts, such as Thai Dance, Muay Thai and Sacred Tattoos, living and working in Thailand, but also about tourist scams, the concept of “losing face,” police bribes, foreigner crackdowns, the powerful Royal Family, and much more.

All in all, an interesting pastime while on the road, and an eye-opener for those wanting to know more of what really goes on behind the scenes in the Land of Smiles.

Table of Contents

~ Thailand Beyond Appearances 7
~ The Thai Smile 8
~ Chiang Mai – Smoggy, Stuffy, Smoky 10
~ Sak Yant – The Blessed Tattoos of Thailand 12
~ Crackdowns against Foreigners 15
~ Dot Po, the Thai Druid 17
~ Bangkok’s Flooding 20
~ Only Metta Works 22
~ Thailand Wants 10,000 Extra Foreign English Teachers 24
~ The Spirit Houses of Thailand 26
~ The Fast Lane 29
~ Losing Face and How to Save It 31
~ Same Same, but Different 34
~ Thai Paper Umbrella Making 36
~ Happy Ending Massage in Thailand 38
~ The Rishi Hermits from Thailand 40
~ Bangkok Makes a Hard Man Humble 42
~ Thai Police Bribes – A Necessity 44
~ After the Military Coup 46
~ Sexy Pants 48
~ Muay Thai Boxing – History and Context 50
~ Beliefs and Superstitions around Pregnancy and Childbirth 52
~ Kevin’s Case – A Fearytale 55
~ Bangsaenity Beach 59
~ Thai Women and Thai Massage 61
~ Thai Tourist Scams 64
~ Thai Cuisine – Thailand’s Delicious Business 68
~ Working in Thailand 71
~ The 7-11 and Pichest Boonthumme 73
~ Teaching English in Thailand is Not for Everyone 76
~ The Beasts 83
~ Christmas in Thailand 85
~ The Power of the Royal Family 87
~ Thai Traditional Dance – Graceful Flow 91
~ Thailand’s Deep South Insurgency 94
~ Bangkok Blues 96
~ Sex Work in Thailand 98
~ The Cannabis Paradox 100
~ Leaving Thailand – Land of Smiles and Tears 102
~ Upcoming Elections in Thailand 104
~ The Wai Khru Ceremony 106

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