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Author: Marce Ferreira
First Published: December 2019
Last Updated: December 2019
Length: 149 pages
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What is this eBook about?

In this down-to-earth, explanatory eBook we cover the concepts and applications of Yoni, the best known and most popular Yoni treatment modalities around, traditional and modern developments, and the context of Yoni within Asian traditional culture.

We start the book with giving a broad introduction to the concept of Yoni and the phenomenon of sexual and genital treatments—what they aim at, the types and categories, why they are important, precautions & contraindications, and what, in general, to expect of a treatment session.

Subsequently, we list and describe the various Yoni treatment modalities per country of origin, covering Asian countries of which most, historically, have been influenced by Indian thought through Ayurveda medicine, Hinduism and Buddhism, and Indian philosophy. Then, we continue with modern contemporary developments, notably those arising through the Neo-Tantra movement.

And finally, you’ll find a section that gives additional info on certain sexual and genital practices and some further insight in the context wherein traditional genital treatments in Asia appear.

We have written this eBook for those who simply want to know what’s what and what’s not! Today, we find way too much unsubstantiated “Yoni talk” on the Net, making a thorough understanding of the topic difficult, if not impossible. We think, with our book, to have contributed to gaining a clear insight in the subject matter.

More on this eBook

Below this paragraph you’ll find an overview of the Table of Contents and topics. To know a bit more about the context wherein Yoni treatments appear on the modern world-stage, you may read our post The Global Rise of Yoni Treatments Offerings.

Table of Contents

~ Yoni – Symbolic, Conceptual, and Practical Meanings 8
~ The Global Rise of Yoni Treatments Offerings 12
~ Sensual, Sexual, or Genital Treatments? 14
~ The Importance of Traditional Sexual & Genital Treatments 16
~ Types, Goals and Benefits of Genital Treatments 18
~ Genital Massage vs Abdominal Massage 21
~ Intimacy and Intimate Aspects in Massage Therapy 22
~ Treatment Precautions & Contraindications 25
~ What to Expect from a Genital Massage 28
Indian Origin
~ Tantric Massage (Tantra Massage) 32
~ Yoni Massage 34
~ Yoni Steaming 36
~ Yoni Egg Exercises (Jade Egg) 37
~ Yoni Dhupana 42
~ Yoni Prakshalanam 43
~ Yoni Pichu 44
~ Garbhadhana Sanskara 46
~ Avagaha Sveda Yoni Sitz Bath 47
~ Uttara Basti (Uttara Vasti) 49
~ Udara Veshtanam 50
~ Yoga for the Yoni 51
~ Moola Bandha (Mula) 53
~ Yoni Mudra 54
Thai Origin
~ Karsai Nei Tsang Genital Detox Massage 56
~ Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Chi Massage 59
~ Thai Womblifting 62
~ Yok Thong & Uterus Massage 63
~ Kao Krachome Steaming 64
~ Kud Thong –Thai Childbirth Massage 65
~ Thai Pregnancy Massage 66
~ Sitting Above Charcoal 68
~ Kon Sau Hot Stone Compresses 70
~ Thai Traditional Fertility Treatments 71
~ Ekgakraohm Herbal Steam Baths 72
~ Heated Salt-Filled Clay Pot Compresses 73
~ Ya Dong Lao 74
~ Thai Abdominal Binding 75
Japanese Origin
~ Nuru Massage for Women 77
~ Tradional Japanese Medicine 79
Indonesian Origin
~ Jamu Postnatal Massage 81
~ Bengkung Abdominal Binding 84
~ Sengkak Uterus Massage 86
~ Javanese Ratus Vaginal Treatment 88
~ Balinese Asmaragama Massage 90
~ Vaginal Jamu Treatments 91
Malay Origin
~ Vaginal Rendam-Rendam Treatment 93
~ Ganggang Vaginal Treatment 95
~ Urut Bersalin Postnatal Massage 96
Philippine Origin
~ Hilot Traditional Healing 99
Korean Origin
~ Chai-Yok Vaginal Steaming 103
Chinese Origin
~ Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) 106
~ Acupuncture 107
~ Moxibustion for Women 109
~ Jade Egg Exercises (Yoni Egg) 110
~ Sexual Qigong (Sexual Kung Fu) 111
~ Fangzhongshu – Taoist Sexual Practices 113
~ Zuo Yue Zi or Sitting in 115
~ De-Armoring the Vagina 118
~ The Multi-Orgasmic Woman 120
~ Yoni Mapping 121
~ Sexological Bodywork 122
~ Tantra and Neo-Tantra Practices 124
~ Mantak Chia and the Universal Healing Tao System 126
~ The Yoni Wand 128
~ Yoni Yoga 129
~ Sacred Spot or G-Spot Massage 130
~ Womb Meditation 131
~ Vaginal Steaming – Benefits & Risks 133
~ Types of Female Orgasms 135
~ The Kama Sutra 136
~ Pregnancy Massage 138
~ Asian Traditional Postpartum Practices 140
~ Yu Fai – Thai Postpartum Care & Massage 141
~ Ayurvedic Postpartum Practices 143
~ Happy Ending Massage 145
~ Pelvic Floor Muscles Exercises 146
~ Asian Aphrodisiacs 147

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