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Yoga and MassageFirst published: December 2021
Last updated: December 2021
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What is this Book about?

Combining and integrating Yoga and Massage Therapy is an ancient practice, perhaps Thai Yoga Massage being the foremost example of a deep integration of these two modalities.

In general, Yoga and massage are blended in a variety of ways: sometimes a massage session is given followed by Yoga exercises, sometimes it’s the other way around, in other cases a session consists of continually alternating between massage and Yoga techniques, or even applying Yoga and massage techniques simultaneously (such as giving acupressure while a receiver has assumed a certain Yoga Asana).

In this in-depth, comprehensive book we look at how and why Yoga Exercises and Massage Therapy are integrated or combined, covering the concepts, techniques, and a broad range of treatment modalities.

This book is not a training course and doesn't contain instructions of techniques, but aims at providing you with a thorough understanding of the topic presented.

Table of Contents

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Open Preview
~ Yoga 7
~ Massage 9
~ Yoga and Massage 11
~ Relaxation vs. Therapeutic Massage 15
~ Yoga as Therapy 18
~ Acupressure 21
~ Asanas 23
~ Assisted Stretches 28
~ Bandhas and Mudras 31
~ Breathing Techniques 32
~ Chakras (Energy Centers) 33
~ Nadis (Energy Channels) 38
~ Marma Points (Energy Points) 40
~ Pancha Kosha (Five Layers) 42
~ Prana (Vital Life Energy) 44
~ Pranayama Breathwork 46
~ Reflexology 48
~ Sip Sen Energy Lines 49
~ Visualizations, Chants, and Incantations 51
~ AcroSage 55
~ AcroYoga 57
~ Acu-Yoga 58
~ AnaThai 59
~ Ayurvedic Yoga Massage 60
~ Breema Bodywork® 61
~ Chakra Massage 64
~ Esalen Massage 65
~ Exerssage 67
~ Hydra Yoga Therapy 68
~ Japanese Okido Yoga (Oki-do) 69
~ Kum Nye Yoga and Massage 70
~ Kundalini Yoga Massage 71
~ Marma Chikitsa (Points Massage) 72
~ Marmapuncture 73
~ Massoga® Massage Yoga 74
~ OsteoThai 75
~ Pelvic Floor Exercises and Massage 77
~ Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy 80
~ Raynor Naturopathic Massage 81
~ Restorative Yoga with Massage 82
~ Shinzo Shiatsu Yoga 84
~ Thai Traditional Massage 85
~ Thai Yoga (Reusi Dat Ton) 88
~ Thai Yoga Massage 90
~ Tibetan Nejang Yoga 93
~ Water Yoga Massage 94
~ Yamuna® Body Logic and Body Rolling 95
~ Yoga Massage 97
~ Yogassage 98
~ Yogatsu 99
~ Yomassage® 100
~ Yoni Yoga and Massage 102
~ ZenThai Shiatsu 104
~ Ayurvedic Massages 106
~ Doing Yoga and Thai Massage 108
~ India’s Impact on Massage Therapy 110
~ Massage, Bodywork, and Spirituality 112
~ Understanding Yoga and Thai Massage 114
~ What Is Ayurveda? 117

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