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Spiritual Enlightenment | eBookFirst published: October 2021
Last update: May 2022
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What is this Book about?

The quest of mankind to understand Life, the Universe, and his own Self seems to be a perennial one, and perhaps originates at the dawn of his self-consciousness.

When man suddenly perceived himself placed in the world, alone, as a separate entity, facing duality and death, the great questions arose.

In this book, we explore various Eastern spiritual and non-dual perceptions of attaining peace of mind, Self-Realization, and Spiritual Enlightenment.

Table of Contents

~ What is Spiritual Enlightenment? 7
~ Some Stroke of Luck | U.G. Krishnamurti 14
~ Gradual and Sudden Enlightenment 19
~ Sadhana | One’s Spiritual Pursuit 21
~ Vipassana: the Realization of Non-Self 22
~ Zen Buddhist Satori 25
~ Huang Po | Transmission of Mind 27
~ The Limitless and Boundless 29
~ U.G. Krishnamurti | The Radical Anti-Guru 30
~ Zen Buddhism 32
~ Gurdjieff | Perennial Work 34
~ Samadhi, Kaivalya, and Moksha 37
~ Aurobindo and The Mother 39
~ Food, Consciousness, and Enlightenment 41
~ Advaita Vedanta | Not This, Not That 44
~ Enlightenment: Puppet on a String 46
~ Ramesh Balsekar | The Final Concept 48
~ Kundalini Yoga | Awakening the Chakras 50
~ Never-Ending Realization 52
~ Japa Chanting 53
~ Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras | Ashtanga 54
~ Phenomenological Views 57
~ Identity, Memory, and the Concept of “I” 62
~ Tantras, Yantras, Mantras, and Mandalas 64
~ Natural Man 67
~ Koans in Zen Buddhism 69
~ Destruction of the Ego 71
~ Neidan Inner Alchemy 73
~ Bhakti Yoga | Path of Devotion 74
~ Becoming Enlightened 75
~ Tantra | Beyond Sex and Sexuality 77
~ Jiddu Krishnamurti | Choiceless Awareness 83
~ Elvis Has Left the Building 85
~ Pranayama | Spiritual Breathwork 87
~ What is Mind? 89
~ Jnana Yoga | Path of Knowledge 91
~ Ramana Maharshi | Self-Inquiry 93
~ Taoist Meditation 95
~ Dhyana | Yogic Meditation 96
~ The Voyage 98
~ Ananda Yoga | Path of Bliss 100
~ Satsang, Koans and Allegories 102
~ Yoga as a Means to Enlightenment 104
~ Realizing What we Are 106
~ Tantric Meditation 108
~ Karma Yoga | Path of Selfless Work 109
~ Spiritual Enlightenment and Bodywork 110
~ Turiya: The Fourth State of Consciousness 112
~ Tantra Yoga 115
~ Zazen Seated Meditation 117
~ Presence and Essence 119

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