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Dinacharya - Ayurvedic Daily Self-CareFirst published: October 2021
Last update: October 2021
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What is this Book about?

In this book, we discuss Dinacharya, an ancient practice in Indian Ayurvedic Medicine that consists of a daily routine that helps to establish balance in one’s constitution.

Dinacharya is about carrying out various practices routinely to regularize your biological clock, aid digestion, absorption and assimilation, promote physical and mental balance, health, self-esteem, discipline, peace, happiness, and longevity.

We start the book by discussing the general characteristics of Ayurveda, Dinacharya, the Three Doshas, and the use of oils in Ayurveda.

We then move on to describing the Dinacharya routines, namely the early morning routine, the daytime routine, and the evening routine.

In the section about specific Dinacharya activities, you’ll find detail descriptions about the individual practices and modalities.

And finally, at the end of the book, you’ll find a supplementary section that gives additional info about closely related topics.

This book is not a training course, it doesn't contain pictures or instructions of techniques, but aims at providing you with a thorough understanding of the topic presented.

Table of Contents

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Open Preview
~ What Is Ayurveda? 7
~ Dinacharya – Daily Self-Care 9
~ The Three Doshas | Tridosha 12
~ The Use of Oils in Ayurveda 15
~ General Outline 18
~ Early Morning Routine 19
~ Daytime Routine 22
~ Evening Routine 23
~ Abdominal Massage | Nabhi 26
~ Abhyanga Self-Massage 28
~ Bathing | Snana 29
~ Breast Massage 31
~ Dry-Brushing | Garshana 32
~ Ear Massage & Oiling | Karna Purana 33
~ Eye Care | Anjana Kriya 34
~ Eye Wash | Netra Prakshalana 35
~ Facial Massage | Mukha Abhyanga 36
~ Foods and Drinks | Bhojana Vidhi 37
~ Foot Massage | Pada Abhyanga 38
~ Foot Wash | Pada Prakshalana 40
~ Full-Body Oil Massage | Abhyanga 41
~ Head Massage | Shiro Abhyanga 43
~ Herbal Smoke Inhalation | Dhumapana 44
~ Meditation and Prayer 45
~ Nasal Oleation | Nasya 46
~ Neti Pot | Nasal Wash 48
~ Oil Pulling | Gandusha and Kavala 49
~ Physical Exercise | Vyayama 51
~ Pranayama Breathwork 53
~ Sleeping | Nidra 55
~ Tongue Scraping 56
~ Threading 57
~ Paste and Powder Massage | Udvartana 58
~ Yoga 60
~ Agni | Digestive Fire 63
~ Chinese Self-Care Practices | Yang Sheng 64
~ Coconut Oil in Ayurveda 65
~ Dhatus 66
~ Herbal Medicine and Applications 67
~ Oil Massages and Aromatherapy 70
~ Panchakarma | Five Treatments 72
~ Purusartha | Four Aims in Life 74
~ Thai Self-Care Practices | Dhammanamai 76
~ Sesame Oil in Ayurveda 78
~ Traditional Self-Care in Asia 79

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