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What Is this Book about?

This book is a comprehensive reference guide about the concepts, background, and treatment modalities of traditional Japanese Massage and Bodywork.

Traditional Japanese Medicine has been substantially influenced by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), but to claim that the Japanese healing arts are just a derivative of TCM wouldn’t do justice at all.

TCM knowledge gradually entered Japan between the 3rd and 8th century CE, but since then 1,500 years have passed, and the Japanese changed and upgraded a range of TCM modalities, many of those profoundly affected by Japanese cultural elements, local attitudes of calmness, discipline, and purity, Zen Buddhism, Taoism, Shinto, and Western Medicine.

Already in the 17th century CE — much earlier than other surrounding countries — Japan opened its doors for Western approaches of practicing medicine, and across the centuries the Japanese have adopted many modern insights into their own medical systems.

After the Second World War (1945), and the subsequent occupation of Japan by the Americans, the country received even more direct influence from the West, but moreover, the West itself became highly interested in traditional Japanese healing methods and techniques.

The latter resulted in an extensive export of traditional Japanese therapies to the West, of which Shiatsu Massage is perhaps the most notable type of bodywork being fully embraced in North and South America, and in Europe.

This book is not a training course, it doesn't contain pictures or instructions of techniques, but aims at providing you with a thorough understanding of the topic presented.

Table of Contents

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Open Preview
~ Japanese Massage and Bodywork 7
~ Ki Energy | Vital Life Force 9
~ Massage, Energy Work, and Bodywork 11
~ Holistic Approach 13
~ Japanese Diagnostic Techniques 15
~ Kyo And Jitsu 17
~ Meridians | Ki Energy Channels 19
~ Tsubo Pressure Points 23
~ Reflexology 25
~ Acupressure Techniques 27
~ Katas | Form and Order 29
~ Japanese Herbal Medicine | Kampo 31
~ Traditional Chinese Medicine (Tcm) 33
~ Taoism (Daoism) 39
~ Shinto 41
~ Zen Buddhism 43
~ Abdominal Hara Diagnosis 46
~ Abdominal Hara Massage | Ampuku 47
~ Acupuncture (Japanese Style) 49
~ Ai Chi 52
~ Amatsu Massage 53
~ Anma Massage (Amma) 54
~ Ashiatsu | Barefoot Massage 56
~ Bamboo Massage 58
~ Chair Shiatsu 60
~ Cosmetic Shiatsu 62
~ Cupping (Kyukaku) 64
~ Do-In (Dao Yin) 68
~ Facial Massage 69
~ Five Element Shiatsu 71
~ Foot Massage and Reflexology 73
~ Healing Shiatsu 75
~ Heisei Shiatsu 76
~ Herbal Compress Massage 77
~ Hoshino Therapy 79
~ Infant Shiatsu Massage 80
~ Integrative Eclectic Shiatsu 81
~ Jin Shin Do 82
~ Jin Shin Jyutsu 83
~ Kiatsu Ryoho 84
~ Keiraku Shiatsu 86
~ Macrobiotic Shiatsu 87
~ Magnet Therapy 89
~ Makko-Ho Stretches 90
~ Meiso Shiatsu 91
~ Meridian Exercises 92
~ Meridian Shiatsu 93
~ Meridian Therapy 94
~ Moxibustion 95
~ Movement Shiatsu 97
~ Namikoshi Shiatsu (Nippon Shiatsu) 99
~ Nuru Massage 101
~ Ofuro | Furo Bath Ritual 103
~ Ohashiatsu 104
~ Okido Yoga (Oki Yoga) 106
~ Quantum Shiatsu 107
~ Reiki | Energy Healing 108
~ Ryoho Shiatsu 109
~ Seifhukujitsu | Okazaki Restoration Therapy 111
~ Seiki Shiatsu 112
~ Seitai And Taiheki 113
~ Sekkotsu Bone Setting | Judo Therapy 114
~ Self-Shiatsu 115
~ Shiatsu Anma Therapy 117
~ Shiatsu Massage Therapy 118
~ Shinrin-Yoku | Forest Bathing 121
~ Shinshin-Toitsu-Do 124
~ Shinso Shiatsu 125
~ Shintai Shiatsu 126
~ Shinto Shiatsu 127
~ Shinzui Bodywork 128
~ Shiraku Bloodletting 129
~ Taikyo Shiatsu 130
~ Tantsu 131
~ Tao Shiatsu 132
~ Tsubo Shiatsu 133
~ Tsubo Therapy (Acupressure Shiatsu) 134
~ Warabe Uta | Nursery Rhyme Massage 135
~ Watsu 137
~ Yin Yoga 138
~ Zen Shiatsu (Iokai Shiatsu) 139
~ Zen Yoga 141
~ Zenthai Shiatsu 143

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