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Traditional Chinese Medicine

First Published: April 2020
Last Update: November 2020
Length: 122 pages
Formats: pdf, epub, mobi
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What is this eBook about?

Traditional Chinese Medicine, commonly called TCM after its abbreviation, is without doubt one of the most influential traditional medicine systems in the world.

Its popularity is still growing and recently TCM got an important boost due to its widespread application during the Coronavirus outbreak in China.

In this book we first take a look at the concepts behind TCM, such as the meaning and significance of Yin-Yang, Qi Vital Energy, Taoism, Meridian theory, and the Five Elements, to name a few key items.

Secondly we explore all existing Chinese Medicine treatment modalities: what they are, how and when they’re used, their goals and benefits.

And lastly, we discuss recent and related developments, and how TCM modalities have been blended with other healing modalities.

Table of Contents

~ Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) 7
~ Qi Vital Life Energy (Chi) 12
~ The Yin-Yang Concept 13
~ Five Element Theory 15
~ Meridians (Qi Life Energy Channels) 18
~ The Dantian (Dan Tien) 21
~ The Microcosmic Orbit 23
~ The Three Treasures 24
~ Hot and Cold 26
~ The Approach of Disease in TCM 28
~ Diagnostics in Chinese Medicine 29
~ Holistic View of TCM 30
~ Buddhism and TCM 32
~ Confucian Thought 34
~ Taoist Philosophy and Practice 35
~ Acupressure 38
~ Acupuncture (Zhen Jiu) 39
~ An Mo Massage 41
~ Chinese Massage Therapies 42
~ Chinese Martial Arts and TCM 44
~ Cupping Therapy (Ba Guan) 45
~ Dian Xue Massage 48
~ Dit Da (Bone-Setting) 49
~ Ear Massage & Reflexology 50
~ Er Zhu (Ear Candling) 51
~ Fangzhongshu (Taoist Sexual Practices) 52
~ Feng Shui 54
~ Foot Massage & Reflexology 55
~ Fu Ke (Female Health and Medicine) 56
~ Gua Sha (Scraping) 57
~ Hand Massage & Reflexology 59
~ Herbal Medicine 60
~ Herbal Teas 62
~ Huo Liao (Fire Therapy) 64
~ Juagen Manhood Massage 65
~ Medical Qigong 67
~ Medicinal Liquors 68
~ Moxibustion 69
~ Neidan Inner Alchemy 70
~ Neigong Practices 71
~ Nutrition & Food Therapies 72
~ Qi Healing and Fa Gong 73
~ Qigong (Chi Kung) 74
~ Sexual Qigong 76
~ Shou Zhen (Medical Palmistry) 77
~ Tai Chi Chuan 78
~ Tao Yin 80
~ Taoist Meditation 81
~ Tui Na Massage (Tuina) 82
~ Xiao Er Tui Na Massage (Pediatrics) 84
~ Zuo Yue Zi (Zuoyuezi or Sitting the Month) 85
~ Chi Nei Ching Massage 88
~ Chi Nei Tsang Internal Organs Massage 89
~ Healing Love through Tao 92
~ Japanese Traditional Treatments 93
~ Karsai Nei Tsang Genital Detox Massage 96
~ Neo-Tantra and Taoist Practices 99
~ Tao-Massage 100
~ Taoist Erotic Massage 101
~ TCM and Western Medicine 103
~ Thai Traditional Massage and TCM 105
~ Thai Foot Massage & Chinese Reflexology 107
~ Yin-Yang Massage 108
~ Yin Yoga 110
~ Mantak Chia and the Universal Healing Tao System 112
~ The Jade Egg 114
~ Asian Traditional Bodywork and Spiritual Practices 116
~ TCM and Treating COVID-19 117
~ Asian Traditional Postpartum Treatments 119
~ Aphrodisiacs 120

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