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Yoni Egg Applications | What You Need to KnowFirst published: September 2021
Last updated: October 2021
Length: 119 pages
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What is this Book about?

This book is a straightforward, in-depth reference guide about the Yoni Egg aka Jade Egg.

We cover the concepts, history, benefits and risks, practical aspects, the materials eggs are made of, and the broad variety of practices, exercises and applications carried out with the Yoni Egg.

We’ve also included an extensive supplementary section, with a choice of related subjects that will help you to get an even better insight in all that concerns the Yoni Egg.

This book is not a training course, it doesn't contain pictures or instructions of techniques, but aims at providing you with a thorough understanding of the topic presented.

Table of Contents

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Open Preview
~ What is the Yoni Egg? 7
~ History of the Yoni Egg 9
~ The Yoni Concept 13
~ The Rise of Yoni Oriented Practices 18
~ What are Gemstones? 21
~ Yoni Egg versus Jade Egg 22
~ Yoni Egg Health Benefits 24
~ Important – Read this first 27
~ Risks, Precautions & Contraindications 28
~ Cleaning, Safety, and Storage 30
~ Drilled and Undrilled Yoni Eggs 33
~ How to Wear the Yoni Egg? 34
~ Discharge and Recharge the Yoni Egg 36
~ Yoni Egg Sizes 37
~ What Type of Gemstone to Choose? 40
  ~ Amethyst Quartz 44
  ~ Black Obsidian Rock 45
  ~ Carnelian Quartz 46
  ~ Green Aventurine 47
  ~ Nephrite Jade & Jadeite Jade 48
  ~ Red Jasper 49
  ~ Rose Quartz 50
  ~ Ben Wa Balls 52
  ~ Glass 55
  ~ Silicone and Plastics 56
  ~ Wood 57
~ Energetic Healing 59
~ Healing Love through the Tao 60
~ Horse Stance Exercise 62
~ Kegel Exercises (Kegels) 63
~ Ovarian Breathing 65
~ Pelvic Floor Muscles Exercises 66
~ Postpartum Recovery 68
~ Pregnancy and Childbirth 69
~ Resistance Training and Weightlifting 70
~ Sexual Pleasure 71
~ Taoist Deer Exercises 72
~ Two Eggs Practices 74
~ Vaginal Dearmoring 75
~ Yoni Awareness and Meditation 77
~ Yoni Breathing 78
~ Yoni Egg Reflexology 79
~ Yoni Mapping 80
~ Yoni Worship and Honoring 82
~ Yoni Tucks 85
~ Yoni Yoga 86
~ Chakras 88
~ Mantak Chia and the UHT System 93
~ Multi-Orgasmic States 95
~ Sacred G-Spot Massage 96
~ Sexual Disorders, Massage, and Bodywork 97
~ Stones and Crystals in Massage Therapy 99
~ Tantra and Neo-Tantra 101
~ Tantric Breathwork 104
~ Taoist Breast Massage 106
~ Taoist Sexual Practices (Fangzhongshu) 108
~ Types of Female Orgasms 110
~ What Is Yoni Massage? 112
~ Yoni Spot-ology (A-Spot, C-Spot, and more) 115
~ Yoni Wand (Pleasure Wand) 117

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