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Baby Massage Around the World | A Comprehensive OverviewFirst published: January 2022
Last update: January 2022
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What is this Book about?

With this book we offer you a unique overview of baby and infant massages around the world.

After the introduction to the book, we first discuss the general characteristics and practices around Baby Massage.

In the following section, we describe the best known Baby Massage treatment modalities, covering a range of treatments that are applied in Asia, Africa, Oceania, the Pacific, and in the West.

Then, in the fourth section of the book, we talk about a range of popular Baby Massage oils and butters, their use, properties, and their benefits. And finally, in our Supplement, you’ll find a couple of extra articles on related topics.

This book is not a training course and doesn't contain instructions of techniques, but aims at providing you with a thorough understanding of the topic presented.

Table of Contents

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Open Preview
~ The Power of Touch 7
~ Newborn, Baby, Infant, or Toddler? 8
~ A Brief History of Baby Massage 10
~ Baby Massage Characteristics and Benefits 11
~ Baby Massage | When to Start and How Often? 14
~ Baby Massage for Abdominal Health 16
~ Pediatric Massage 18
~ Full Body versus Partial Body Massage 19
~ Baby Massage and Oils 21
~ Baby Massage Tools and Techniques 24
~ Baby Massage Precautions and Contraindications 28
~ Learning Baby Massage 31
~ Ancient Greek and Roman Baby Massage 34
~ Baby Reflexology Massage 36
~ Baby Yoga Exercises and Stretches 38
~ Bima Traditional Baby Massage 39
~ Butterfly Touch Massage 40
~ Chinese Xiao Er Tuina Massage 42
~ Craniosacral Massage Therapy for Babies 43
~ Hawaiian Infant Massage | Keiki Lomi Lomi 44
~ IAIM Infant Massage 46
~ Indian Ayurvedic Baby Massage 47
~ Indonesian Baby Massage 49
~ Japanese Baby Massage | Warabe-Uta 51
~ Kangaroo Care 53
~ Korean Baby Massage 54
~ Malay Infant Massage 55
~ Maori Baby Massage 57
~ Moroccan Baby Massage 58
~ Navjat Shishu Abhyanga 59
~ Nepali Mustard Oil Baby Massage 60
~ Nepali Newari Baby Massage 62
~ Nigerian Baby Massage 63
~ Philippine Baby Hilot Massage 64
~ Prenatal Baby Massage 65
~ Preterm Newborn Massage 66
~ Russian Baby Massage 69
~ Russian Dynamic Baby Gymnastics 70
~ Senegalese Baby Massage 71
~ Shantala Baby Massage 72
~ Shiatsu Baby Massage 73
~ Thai Baby Massage 74
~ Almond Oil 76
~ Argan Oil 77
~ Ashwagandha Bala Oil 78
~ Castor Oil 79
~ Coconut Oil 81
~ Eucalyptus Oil 82
~ Ghee Butter 83
~ Jojoba Oil 84
~ Mustard Oil 85
~ Safflower Oil 86
~ Sesame Oil 87
~ Shea Butter 88
~ Sunflower Oil 89
~ Abdominal Massage and Herbal Medicine 91
~ Acupressure Massages 93
~ Ayurveda Tridosha Theory 95
~ Herbal Compress Massage 98
~ Massage and the Navel Area 100
~ Massage and Vital Life Energy 103
~ Oil Massage and Aromatherapy 105
~ Postnatal Massages 107
~ Risk of Using Herbs and Oils 109

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