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Manhood Massage and BodyworkFirst published: May 2020
Last updated: September 2021
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What Is this Book about?

With this book we offer you a unique, in-depth overview of the best known and most popular Manhood Massage and Bodywork treatment modalities.

We start with a broad introduction of the concepts and context of Sexual and Genital Massage and Bodywork, that is, the philosophy, aims, benefits and importance, the types and categories, tools and techniques applied, precautions and contraindications, and what to expect of sexual oriented bodywork.

Subsequently, we describe the various Manhood Massage and Bodywork treatment modalities categorized by Traditional Treatment Modalities and Modern Treatment Modalities.

And finally we’ve added a supplementary section with related topics in order to broaden up the scope and ideas around Sexual and Genital Massage and Bodywork.

This book is not a training course and doesn't contain instructions of techniques, but aims at providing you with a thorough understanding of the topic presented.

Table of Contents

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Open Preview
~ Manhood Massage and Bodywork 7
~ Traditional Sexual Healing 10
~ Traditional Massage and Bodywork 12
~ Energy Work versus Bodywork 15
~ The Lingam 18
~ Erotic and Sensual Massage 20
~ Sensual, Sexual, and Genital Treatments 21
~ Types, Goals, and Benefits of Sexual Bodywork 23
~ Genital Massage vs Abdominal Massage 26
~ Fertility Massage and Reflexology 28
~ Massage, Bodywork, and Sexual Dysfunctions 30
~ Treatments with Herbal Medicine 32
~ Intimacy Aspects in Massage Therapy 35
~ Emotional and Trauma Release 38
~ Massage, Bodywork, and Psychosomatics 41
~ Tools and Techniques 43
~ Treatment Protocols 48
~ Treatment Precautions & Contraindications 50
~ Acupuncture and Moxibustion 54
~ Aphrodisiacs 56
~ Avagaha Sveda Sitz Bath 58
~ Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage 60
~ Chi Nei Tsang Massage 61
~ Heated Salt-Filled Clay Pot Compresses 65
~ Herbal Compresses for the Prostate 66
~ Jabkasai Testicles and Prostate Massage 67
~ Juagen Manhood Massage 69
~ Karsai Nei Tsang Genital Detox Massage 71
~ Lingam Worship and Honoring 74
~ Mak Erot Penis Enlargement 76
~ Masturbation and Self-Massage 77
~ Medical Qigong 78
~ Moola Bandha (Mula) 79
~ Nuru Massage 80
~ Pelvic Floor Muscles Exercises 82
~ Penis Enlargement and Enhancement Practices 84
~ Penis Massage 86
~ Prostate Massage – Classic 87
~ Prostate Massage – Internal and External Work 89
~ Qigong (Chi Kung) 91
~ Sexual Qigong (Sexual Kung Fu) 92
~ Sitz Baths 93
~ Tantra Yoga 94
~ Taoist Male Deer Exercises 96
~ Taoist Sexual Practices – Fangzhongshu 98
~ Testicles Massage 100
~ Thai Traditional Yoga 103
~ Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) 105
~ Traditional Thai Massage 106
~ Urut Batin Malay Manhood Massage 108
~ Ya Dong Lao 111
~ Yoga 113
~ Anal, Rosebud and Bottom Massage 116
~ Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® 117
~ Bondassage 120
~ G-Spot Prostate Massage (Prostate Milking) 122
~ Genital Mapping 123
~ Kegel Exercises 124
~ Kinkassage 126
~ Kinky and Fetish Massages 127
~ Mizan Therapy 128
~ Multi-Orgasmic Practices 129
~ Neo-Tantric and Somatic Sex Coaching 130
~ Orgasm Control and Edging 133
~ Orgasmic Yoga 135
~ Partner Yoga 136
~ Perineum Massage 137
~ Porn Yoga 139
~ Sexological Bodywork 140
~ Sexual and Emotional Dearmoring 142
~ Skydancing Tantra® 144
~ Tantric Lingam Massage 146
~ Tantric Massage (Tantra Massage) 148
~ Tantric Couples Massage 151
~ Tao-Massage 152
~ Taoist Erotic Massage 154
~ Yin-Yang Massage 156
~ Asian Traditional Bodywork and Spiritual Practices 159
~ Blended Tantric and Taoist Practices 161
~ Happy Ending and Full Service massages 163
~ Mantak Chia and the Universal Healing Tao System 165
~ Meditation, Mindfulness and Sexuality 167
~ Neidan Inner Alchemy 169
~ Prostate Orgasms 170
~ Tantra and Neo-Tantra Practices 172
~ Taoist Meditation Techniques 178
~ The Kama Sutra 180
~ The Three Treasures 182
~ The Yoni Explained 184

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