Thai Massage in the Side Position | Video Workshop

Thai Massage in the Side Position | Video WorkshopInstructor: Marce Ferreira
First published: July 2022
Last updated: July 2022
Book Length: 90 pages
Video Length: 31 minutes
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What Is this Workshop about?

This 31-minute video workshop demonstrates a full body Thai Massage carried out in the Side Position, that is, a complete head-to-toes massage for the receiver who’s lying on a mat, on the floor, on their side.

In the video, the receiver is lying on their left side. The idea is to also massage the receiver while lying on the other side of the body performing the same techniques as done on the left side. This will make the duration of the entire Thai Massage session about two times thirty minutes, that is, one hour.

In the accompanying eBook, we take a look at general Thai Massage precautions and contraindications, session preparations, various concepts with regard to Thai Massage, Thai Massage in the Side-Lying position, and Thai Massage for pregnant women, and at the session presented in the video.

For Whom is this Workshop?

  ◾ For those who want to know what Thai Massage in the Side-Lying position is about;
  ◾ For massage practitioners who want to add more massage techniques to their repertoire;
  ◾ For massage instructors who’d like to add more techniques to their massage study curricula.

Workshop Contents

This product contains one eBook (pdf) and one video (mp4). The video (31 minutes), which can be downloaded or streamed, demonstrates the Thai Massage Side-Lying session.

Video Course Examples on YouTube

Below you find the table of contents of the accompanying Workbook.

Workbook | Table of Contents

~ Important – Read this First 6
~ What Is Thai Massage? 7
~ Thai Massage versus Thai Yoga Massage 9
~ Acupressure in Thai Massage 12
~ Stretches in Thai Massage 14
~ Sib Sen Energy Lines 18
~ Intimacy Aspects and Consent 20
~ Precautions and Contraindications 22
~ Session Etiquettes and Preparation 26
~ The Side-Lying Position 29
~ Full Body Thai Massage 31
~ Thai Massage for Pregnant Women 33
~ Sequencing in the Side Position 36
~ The Video Explained 39
~ Feet and Legs 41
~ Abdomen and Hips 59
~ Back, Shoulders, and Chest 63
~ Arms and Hands 78
~ Neck and Head 88

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