Doing Thailand | eBook

Doing Thailand

First Published: February 2020
Last Update: February 2020
Length: 33 pages
Formats: pdf, epub, mobi
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What is this eBook about?

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. With its exquisite blend of old and new, traditional and contemporary, packed with beautiful cultural gemstones and breathtaking natural wonders, it simply makes for a very interesting travel destination.

What’s more, the Thai people cater heavily to tourists, the country’s infrastructure is built to offer hospitality and services, and it’s rather easy to get around and visit cities, islands, temples, national parks, and the like.

Nevertheless, the Thai culture and moral values are very different compared to those in the West or even to those from other Asian countries. To have a pleasant stay in Thailand, it’s good practice to observe some basic rules, dos and don’ts, and have a little bit of knowledge about how things work in the country.

It’s the main reason why we have written this quick start Thailand guide, simply to support you in having worry-free and happy travels in the famous Land of Smiles.


Table of Contents

Leisure and Activities
~ Nature 7
~ Shopping 7
~ Culture and Tradition 8
~ Spa & Wellness 8
~ Bars, Parties, Restaurants and Clubs 9
~ Cities and Historical Places 9
Food and Cuisine
Losing Face
~ Getting Angry 11
~ Humility and Boasting 12
~ Negotiating and Bargaining 12
~ Pointing Out Mistakes 12
~ Correcting English 12
~ Physical Contact 13
~ Showing the Soles of your Feet 13
~ Respect 13
~ Cleanliness 13
~ And Finally 13
Dos and Don’ts
~ The Royal Family 14
~ Military and Police 14
~ Politics 14
~ Drugs 14
~ Getting Drunk 15
~ The Buddha and Buddhism 15
~ Temples 15
~ Footwear 16
~ Showing Affection 16
~ Pointing 16
~ Sunbathing 16
~ Visa Issues 16
~ The Thai Smile 17
Tourist Scams
~ Fake Products Scam 18
~ Tuk-tuk, Taxi, Transport Scam 18
~ The Grand-Palace-Is-Closed Scam 19
~ The Gift Scam 19
~ The Wrong Hotel or Guesthouse Scam 19
~ Laundry Scam 20
~ The Fake Police Scam 20
~ Jet Ski and Motorbike Scam 20
~ Other Scams 21
Language and Communication
Health and Safety
~ Safety 23
~ Health 23
Getting Around
~ Taxi 25
~ Bus 26
~ Train 26
~ Tuk-Tuk 27
~ Minivan 27
~ Songthaew 28
~ Motorcycle 29
~ River Boat/Ferry 29
~ Car 30
~ Airplane 30
~ Metro/Sky Train 31
~ Bicycle 31
~ Walking 31
~ Hitchhiking 32
~ Grab 32

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