Thai Massage Schools & Teachers Reviews

Arrow ImageA Thai Massage Retreat Experience at Huey Nam Rin
In December 2010, eight students (two from the UK, three from France, one from the USA and two from Italy) joined to take a twelve-day Thai Yoga M [Read More...]

Arrow ImageApple’s Thai Massage School on Koh Samui | Review
Apple's Massage School, also known as Apple's Massage Experience or Apple's Spa Experience - School of Massage is located on the popu [Read More...]

Arrow ImageBest Thai Massage Teachers from Thailand
In this article we present the best Thai Massage teachers from Thailand---the Gurus, the Masters, the Hot Shots! No doubt we'll fail to ment [Read More...]

Arrow ImageBlue Garden Yoga and Thai Massage in Chiang Mai | Review
The Blue Garden is a yoga and massage training center located in Chiang Mai’s old city center. It was founded almost 10 years ago by Bow and Remco [Read More...]

Arrow ImageChaiyuth Priyasith | Thai Massage Teacher Review
The late Chaiyuth Priyasith is widely recognized as an important Thai Traditional Massage teacher and master of the 20th century. His spirit, style, [Read More...]

Arrow ImageCLS Massage School in Chiang Mai | Review
CLS is a Massage School located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with on-campus residential accommodation. The Thai Massage school offers a variety of Tha [Read More...]

Arrow ImageDot Po | Thai Massage Teacher from Chiang Mai
We all know this phenomenon where we start to hate a certain class or subject at school, and finally flunk it, just because we don't get along [Read More...]

Arrow ImageHealth Lanna Spa & Academy in Chiang Mai | Review
Health Lanna is a Spa and training academy located in Chiang Mai. Focused on Traditional Thai Lanna massage, this luxury spa offers a wide variety o [Read More...]

Arrow ImageHistory of Wat Pho – The First Official Thai Massage School in Thailand
As most people interested in Thai Massage and Traditional Thai Medicine already know, Wat Po is a Buddhist temple complex in the heart of Bangkok. [Read More...]

Arrow ImageITM Chiang Mai | International Training Massage School Review
The International Training Massage School (ITM) is a private vocational Thai Massage school located in Chiang Mai (Thailand). The school is a fami [Read More...]

Arrow ImageItzhak Helman | Thai Massage Teacher Review
Itzhak Helman is the founder of the School of Thai Yoga Massage Around the World and, like the name of his school implies, a Thai Massage teacher [Read More...]

Arrow ImageJessica Dafni | Thai Massage Instructor Review
Jessica Dafni is a Maine Licensed Massage Therapist, a NCBTMB Approved Provider, and Certified Yoga Teacher. She’s the owner of Iron Bird which of [Read More...]

Arrow ImageLoi Kroh Traditional Massage & Yoga School | Review
The Loi Kroh Massage School in Chiang Mai (Thailand) was founded in 1999 by Mrs. Tassanee Boonsom (aka "Coocky" ). The school, which offer [Read More...]

Arrow ImageMantak Chia, Chi Nei Tsang and the Universal Healing Tao System | Review
For years I had been thinking that Chi Nei Tsang is an ancient Chinese traditional healing modality. But recently, doing some research on Chi Nei Ts [Read More...]

Arrow ImageMassage School Phuket | Review
Massage School Phuket is an institute that offers training and courses in Traditional Thai Massage. Their focus is on training students and enabli [Read More...]

Arrow ImageMor Noi & The Mornoi Clinic Review
At the end of 2011, I had a kind of career dip and I decided to once more return to Thailand to see if there was still something to "find.&qu [Read More...]

Arrow ImageMr. Nat “Don’t Move!” | Thai Massage Teacher Review
When it's about extraordinary Thai Massage practitioners, Mr. Nat perhaps ranks as one of Chiang Mai’s best kept secrets. Mr. Nat is a b [Read More...]

Arrow ImageNoam Tyroler | Thai Massage Instructor Review
The School of Thai Acupressure is founded by Noam Tyroler who specializes in Thai Physical Therapy also referred to as Thai Acupressure or Thai tr [Read More...]

Arrow ImageOmsala Chiang Mai | Thai Massage School Review
The Omsala Thai Massage school in Chiang Mai (Thailand) is founded and run by Ohm Rinraya. Ohm is a former Sunshine Massage School teacher and she w [Read More...]

Arrow ImageOng’s Thai Massage School Review
Ong's Thai Massage School is a medium-sized Thai Bodywork training institute with about 10 instructors, founded and owned by Srida Shiomi (Kr [Read More...]

Arrow ImagePichest Boonthumme – The Legendary Thai Massage Master from Thailand
I reckon that anyone going a bit deeper with Thai Massage, taking more Thai Massage courses, and reading about Thai Massage, will one day or the oth [Read More...]

Arrow ImageSabai De Ka Massage School in Chiang Mai | Review
Sabai De Ka is a Massage School located in Chiang Mai, near the Tha Phae Gate (on the eastern side of the Old City). The school was founded by [Read More...]

Arrow ImageSinchai Sukparset | Thai Massage Master from Chiang Mai
Sinchai Sukparset aka “The Blind Professor” is one of the great Healing Masters and Thai Massage icons of Chiang Mai. Ajarn Sinchai is a blin [Read More...]

Arrow ImageSunshine Massage School Review
The Sunshine Massage School is deeply rooted in the Sunshine Network Lineage from Asokananda (Harald Brust). Perhaps not surprising, because the f [Read More...]

Arrow ImageSunshine Network Review
The Sunshine Network is without any doubt one of the largest and most influential Thai Massage training networks in the world. Sunshine was fou [Read More...]

Arrow ImageThai Massage School of Chiang Mai Review | TMC
The Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai is better known as TMC, but also carries the name Thai Massage School of Thailand. It’s one of the most reno [Read More...]

Arrow ImageThai Oasis Spa School in Chiang Mai | Review
The Thai Oasis Spa School is a school is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand and offers a wide range of courses in ancient and traditional massages as [Read More...]

Arrow ImageThai Style Quotes from Pichest Boonthumme
Ajarn, Acharn or Ajahn (Thai for master or teacher ) Pichest Boonthumme, the so-called "Chain Smoking Master," is perhaps the greatest [Read More...]

Arrow ImageThai Yoga Massage School of Thailand Metta Review
The Thai Yoga Massage School of Thailand Metta in Bangkok carries several names: Thai Yoga & Healing Art Training Center, Thai Massage School Ba [Read More...]

Arrow ImageThe Best Thai Massage Beginner Courses in Chiang Mai
Perhaps one of the most unsatisfactory developments with Thai Massage Beginner Courses in Thailand (and in other countries) is the fact that the tra [Read More...]

Arrow ImageThe Fine Art of Thai Massage School in Chiang Mai | Review
The Fine Art of Thai Massage School is a Thai Massage training provider located in Chiang Mai. Therdchai Chumphoopong - aka Mac - is the founder a [Read More...]

Arrow ImageThe Old Medicine Hospital | Thai Massage School Review
The Old Medicine Hospital, located in Chiang Mai and officially called the Thai Massage School Shivagakomarpaj & Old Medicine Hospital, has been [Read More...]

Arrow ImageThe Thai Massage Circus Review
The Thai Massage Circus is a yearly returning Thai Massage immersion event near the Kuang Sii village in Laos and is founded and organized by Arno L [Read More...]

Arrow ImageTimmy’s Thai Massage Training Center in Chiang Mai | Review
Timmy’s Thai Massage Training Center is a Thai Massage School located in Chiang Mai. It's a one woman school, Timmy Kaossaard is the owner [Read More...]

Arrow ImageWandee Ancient Thai Massage in Chiang Mai | Review
Wandee Ancient Thai Massage is a Thai Massage School located in Chiang Mai. It is a one woman school - Wandee Boonsai is the founder, owner, and o [Read More...]

Arrow ImageWatpo Thai Traditional Medical Massage School Review | Bangkok
The Watpo Thai Traditional Medical and Massage School, also spelled as Wat Pho, is unquestionably the most famous Thai Traditional Medicine insti [Read More...]