Health Lanna Spa & Academy in Chiang Mai | Review

Published | Updated February 18, 2020
Health Lanna Spa & Academy in Chiang Mai | Review
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The Health Lanna Spa is an upscale, high-end luxury Spa and Spa training academy situated in Chiang Mai. With strong emphasis on Traditional Thai Lanna Healing Arts, this day-spa offers a wide variety of treatments, aiming to share and promote the ancient therapeutic traditions of the Northern Thai Lanna culture.

Spa Treatments

Health Lanna Spa & Academy in Chiang Mai | Review
© Health Lanna Spa

The Spa is fairly large, with 20 private treatment rooms, 37 treatment beds, and 75 massage beds, and the treatment options range from Traditional Thai Massage, ancient Thai Lanna Massage & Herbal treatments to Western style Swedish Massage, Skin Care, Body Scrubs and Wraps, to name a few.

Academy Training Courses

Health Lanna Spa & Academy in Chiang Mai | Review
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As for the Spa Academy, there are options of Traditional Thai Medicine training courses, such as the Intermediate Of Thai Massage Course (30 hours, 5 days) aimed at beginners and the Advanced Medical Thai Massage training course (60 hours, 10 days).

Furthermore, we find the Foot Reflexology course (30 hours, 5 days) based on Chinese Reflexology acupressure points, the Aromatherapy Massage (30 hours, 5 days), and the Prenatal – Pregnancy Massage Course (30 hours, 5 days). Plus, the academy also offers Swedish Massage and Facial Massage training courses.

Lanna Café & Spa Boutique

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In their Spa Boutique, Health Lanna Spa also offers spa related products and amenities, such as aromatic oils and incense, ceramic and handicraft gifts, and herbal teas. Additionally, there’s also a cozy Spa Café that serves seasonal and organic Thai food, light meals, healthy snacks, teas, fresh juices, smoothies, among other products.

As you can see, the Health Lanna Spa & Academy is a very interesting option for those who are in for high-quality Lanna style treatments or for those wanting to start a career in the Spa industry, as their academy training courses are targeted for just that.


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