Thai Lanna Detox Massage in Thailand | Ched Haek Therapy

Published: Jun 8, 2019
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Thai Lanna Detox Massage in Thailand | Ched Haek Therapy

Thai Lanna Detox Massage or Ched Haek (Ched Hak) is an ancient Lanna detoxification technique that generally uses claws of animals (which died naturally and without suffering) in the procedures of the treatment.

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The instrument used for Ched Haek therapy is usually a horn, bone, boar’s fangs, or a knife, spiritually blessed and considered of healing power. During the treatment it is subsequently wiped and rubbed on the receiver’s body, while the therapist folk healer gives prayers and chants of empowerment, meanwhile purifying, cleaning and bringing vitality and universal forces to the receiver.

A deeper understanding of this Lanna Folk Therapy also encompasses the belief that evil influences from black magic and certain spirits are eliminated, resulting in both psychological and physical healing. The treatment is also simply applied to cleanse the body from poisons due to insect stings or animal bites (such as from venomous snakes).

Ched Haek bears some resemblance to the Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment modality Guasha.

In Chiang Mai, we know of two schools that occupy themselves with Ched Haek training and treatments: the Hangdong Thai Massage School from Moh Bunchu Chantrabut (Master Boonchu) and the Jongrak Thai Massage School.

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