Reusi Dat Ton Self-Massage | Thai Hermit Yoga

Published: Aug 20, 2021
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Reusi Dat Ton Self-Massage | Thai Yoga

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Reusi Dat Ton — also written Rusie Datton or Rue Sri Dat Ton — is predominantly known for its wide variety of self-stretches, Yoga-like postures, and dynamic movements. Nevertheless, Self-Massage techniques likewise play an important role in the practice.

In the 15 ITTM Exercises one finds some examples of Self-Massage, but this is just a fraction of what is actually possible, and often massage in Reusi Dat Ton is rather presented as “caressing oneself.” But in fact, Reusi Dat Ton Self-Massage is very much like Thai Massage, that is, a firm and rigorous massage, but then given to oneself.

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Self-Massage in Reusi Dat Ton is not just massage. It’s, like in Thai Massage, based on manipulating the ten Sip Sen Energy Lines (Life Energy Channels). It also means that to do it correctly, one needs to have knowledge of the trajectories of the Sen Lines, and of the appropriate techniques to work on those Energy Lines.

Most of the time, Self-Massage in Reusi Dat Ton is done while sitting or kneeling on the floor. There are some massage exercises done standing, but these are rather exceptions. Oils, lotions, or creams are not used, and massage is applied through one’s clothing or directly on the skin.

Typically the hands, fingers, forearms and elbows are used to apply a Self-Massage, but some manipulations may also include using the feet. In general, much of the massage work consists of giving Self-Acupressure, but more common techniques, such as kneading, squeezing, and rolling, are also used.

There are practitioners who also use Tok Sen techniques, which is a Thai “hammering massage,” that is, a Thai Northern Lanna style massage given by rhythmically tapping on the Sen Lines with a wooden hammer and wooden stick.

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