What Is Tok Sen Massage?

Published February 12, 2020 | Updated January 22, 2021

What Is Tok Sen Massage?

Thai Tok Sen is an ancient Northern Lanna Thai healing practice, which incorporates the use of a mallet (a short-handled hammer) and a chisel/wedge made of wood, bone or ivory to rhythmically tap along the Thai Sen Energy Lines of the body.

The rhythmical tapping and sound vibration work deeply through the tissue and muscles right down to the attachments with the bones. The technique is used to clear blocked energy, improve blood circulation and ease muscle and nerve tensions and problems and pains.

The tools can be made of various materials, but mostly hard woods, of which the use depends on the goal of a treatment and the Tok Sen learning lineage. Furthermore, certain (sacred) rituals are performed while obtaining and constructing the tools.

Before, during and after a session, the practitioner often recites specific chants, incantations or invocations in order to promote healing of the patient and to protect against negative energies.

A Tok Sen treatment is often applied in conjunction with a Thai Massage and/or Thai Herbal Ball Compress Massage session.

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