The Concept of Lom Pran or Prana in Thai Massage

Published: Apr 7, 2020 | Updated: Nov 7, 2020

The Concept of Lom Pran or Prana in Thai Massage

Prana is an Indian Sanskrit word for Life Force or Vital Energy and an important concept in Thai Traditional Medicine (TTM), notably in Thai Massage. Prana is known as Lom Pran in the Thai language, which freely translated means Wind of Life.

In various other Asian countries and cultures the same concept of Life Force is acknowledged, known under labels such as Qi or Chi (Chinese), Ki (Japanese), Gi (Korean) and Khi (Vietnamese), to name some examples.

Lom Pran energy is said to be absorbed from our surroundings, by what we eat, drink and breathe, including through sunlight. It is thought to be the key primordial vital force, invisible, but part of any living being, permeating and activating everything and everyone, without it life itself being impossible.

In TTM, the Ten Sen or Sib Sen are considered the ten major Life Energy channels in the body that facilitate Lom Pran throughput. These energy channels need regular maintenance to avoid blockages or stagnation.

An obstruction in the flow of Lom Pran can cause physical, emotional, mental or spiritual discomforts, dis-eases or illnesses to a person. By contrast, the free and unobstructed flow of Lom Pran, in correct proportions and where needed, maintains or restores health.

Thus, most TTM treatments, especially Thai Massage practices, are based on “balancing Lom Pran,” or unblocking the pathways (the Sen Energy Lines) that Lom Pran uses to travel and distribute itself through our bodies.

In Thai Traditional Massage one applies acupressure, pressure or stretches, among other techniques, on points along the Sen Sib lines, sometimes in combination with herbal compresses, to unblock or “clear” Sen Lines and treat certain illnesses.

For certain common ailments treatment protocols are used indicating specific pressure points or energy lines to be treated to alleviate health issues.

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