The Theoretical Foundation of Thai Massage | Sen Energy Lines

Published: Nov 1, 2018 | Updated: May 20, 2021

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The Theoretical Foundation of Massage in Thailand

In Thailand, the theoretical foundation of massage or energy work (also called bodywork) is based on the idea of invisible energy lines in the human body. Ten of these lines (meridians, channels, or pathways) have special importance in Traditional Thai Massage – the so-called Ten Sen, Sib Sen, or Sen Sip.

The roots of this theory lie in Indian Yoga philosophy. The concepts of Yoga state that life energy (in India called Prana and in Thailand Lom Pran) is taken in through food, drinks, the sun and breathing, energy which is subsequently distributed through a network of energy lines or channels, called the Prana Nadis. In this way the human body is supplied with Vital Life Energy (or Life Force).

Blockages or other disturbances in the Sen Energy Lines result in a deficiency of Prana throughput, which causes discomforts or illnesses. Working on the Energy Lines with, for instance, massage, stretching, rocking and acupressure can clear these blockages and hindrances, thereby promoting the free, unhindered flow of Life Energy, which in turn helps to restore health, optimal functioning of both body and mind, and general well-being.

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The direct relationship with Indian Yoga concepts is rather clear when we look at the terminology for the Sen Energy Lines the Thai people use, with many words and designations coming from Sanskrit, the ancient language of India.

For instance, the Sen Energy lines Sen Sumana, Sen Ittha and Sen Pingkhala are linguistically very close to the naming of the Indian Prana lines Sushumna Nadi, Ida Nadi and Pingala Nadi. And moreover, these three primary Thai Sen Lines also follow a trajectory quite similar to the corresponding Indian Nadis.

Nevertheless, the Energy Lines cannot be verified anatomically or otherwise scientifically. They form a kind of second “etheric” layer or extra body next to the physical body. This invisible body, called Pranamaya Kosha or “Energy Body,” consists of a huge amount of energy lines, which is claimed to be 72,000.

Most likely the number of energy lines is not 72,000 (which was a number in the Buddhist scriptures to state that “it’s a lot”), but there are indeed many lines and sub-lines, and from these, the Thai appointed ten principal lines on which we also find important acupressure points. Manipulating these points make it possible to treat certain diseases and conditions, or to relieve pain.

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