Thai Massage Sib Sen Energy Lines Trajectories and Purpose – An Overview

Published | Updated April 25, 2020
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Thai Massage Sib Sen Energy Lines Trajectories and Purpose - An Overview

The foundation of Thai Traditional Massage is based on “working the 10 Sen Energy Lines,” that is, theoretical and practical knowledge of the so-called Thai Sib Sen (Sen Sib or Sen Sip).

These invisible canals (or pathways) run through our bodies and distribute vital life-energy, called Prana, Wind, Lom Pran, Chi, or Universal Energy. By unblocking or opening these channels or meridians and by “balancing” the flow of energy, we maintain or restore the proper functioning of our body and mind, thereby preventing, alleviating or curing discomforts and pains.

With Thai Massage we learn their trajectories, and we learn how to manipulate and unblock them — with pressure, acupressure, rocking, with stretches, and with Yoga poses, to name some of the most commonly used techniques.

Traditional Thai Massage recognizes ten main energy lines, although these ten lines also branch into many extensions and sub-lines, said to be a total of 72,000 pathways. In this article we give an overview of the trajectories of the ten principal Thai Sen Lines and their respective therapeutic indications, roles and purpose in our bodies.

Mind that, depending on the Thai Massage lineage, there are some disparities about the routes these Sen Lines take in our bodies. In this article we have primarily followed the outcome of research done by the two well-known Thai Massage instructors Asokananda (Harald Brust) and Kam Thye Chow.

Rest to say that in Thailand the Sib Sen Lines may also carry different names depending on the Thai Massage school, teacher or lineage.

The ten main Sen Energy Lines are (follow the links for details about individual lines):

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