Thai Sib Sen – Sen Sahatsarangsi

Published | Updated March 22, 2019

Thai Sib Sen – Sen Sahatsarangsi
Sen Sahatsarangsi is one of the ten main Thai Sib Sen Energy Lines as used in Thai Massage and Thai Yoga.

Sen Sahatsarangsi starts in the left eye and travels down the head, throat, left side of the chest and abdomen, then changes over the hip to the outside of the left leg (first outside line). Changes again at the foot to inside of the left leg and runs over the first inside line, across the groin and stops directly below the navel.

Sen Thawari is the counterpart of Sen Sahatsarangsi and takes the same course as Sen Sahatsarangsi, but on the right side of the body.

Therapeutic indications:
Facial Paralysis, Toothache, Throat Pain, Red and Swollen Eyes, Diminished Eye Function, Cataract, Fever, Chest Pains, Manic Depression, Gastrointestinal disorders, Urogenital Diseases, Leg Paralysis, Knee Joint Pain, Numbness of the legs, and Hernia.

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