Two Types of Nadis – Subtle and Gross

Published: Jul 15, 2023
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Two Types of Nadis - Subtle and Gross

Commonly, it’s said that there are two types of Nadis (channels, tubes, or meridians) present in the human body, that is, Subtle Nadis and Gross Nadis. They’re sometimes also referred to as Astral Nadis and Physical Nadis.

Subtle Nadis

The Subtle Nadis are thought to be the invisible channels of subtle energy typically called the Yoga Nadis.

These Yoga Nadis are again divided into three types:

  1. Manas Nadis or Channels of the Mind, which carry mental forces i.e. mental energies (such as those necessary for thoughts and thinking) and are called Manovaha, Manovahini, or Manovahi Nadis;
  2. Pranavaha Nadis or Pranavahini Nadis are said to transfer Prana (Vital Life Force) and other types of Vayus (Winds);
  3. Chitta Nadis are the channels that constitute consciousness, and the feeling of “I,” ego, self, or being, also called Chittavahi Nadis (note: Chitta Nadis are sometimes categorized as a type of Manovaha Nadi).

It’s important to observe here that some Yoga Nadis can be attributed to several types of Nadis. For instance, the Ida Nadi is both a Manovaha Nadi and a Pranavaha Nadi.

Gross Nadis

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The Gross Nadis are thought to consist of the physical visible channels in our body, such as blood vessels, nerves, muscles, and lymphatic channels.

In some sources, the Gross Nadis are exclusively associated with our nervous system, notably the nerves of the Central Nervous System (which consists of the brain and spinal cord), the Sympathetic Nervous System (fight-or-flight responses), and the Parasympathetic Nervous System (rest-and-digest responses).

And a final remark: mind that Prana Life Force can be distributed through both the Subtle Nadis and Gross Nadis, although the Subtle Nadis typically only transport subtle energies.

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