Aura Reading, Cleansing, and Energy Healing

Published: May 9, 2022
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Aura Reading, Cleansing, and Energy Healing

The word aura is both an ancient Greek and Latin word, which can mean “breeze,” “wind,” “air,” “breath,” or “air in motion.”

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Although the idea of auras existed already earlier, the concept was made popular by Charles Webster Leadbeater (1854 – 1934), who developed a Westernized-Tantric theory about auras, and claimed, among other things, that humans, animals, and even inanimate objects are surrounded by an energy field that emanates from the body, which is correspondingly connected to Vital Life Force that runs through the Chakras.

In some conceptions of the aura it’s thought to be a kind of subtle body, or etheric body, a specific form of Life Energy (arising from Qi or Prana), which some psychics and energy healers claim they can see (or “read”), and which has a size, form, color, and vibration. In other notions, the aura is rather considered as an enclosing electromagnetic or a bioenergetic field.

By those involved in” aura reading,” it’s believed that a person’s aura tells about his or her character, health i.e. medical condition, energy level, state (or level) of being, and consciousness. Additionally, the aura is also a kind of magnetic field that picks up emotions, health, psychic vibrations, and circumstances existing around a person.

As auras can get influenced or “contaminated” by external phenomena, it’s likewise believed that they can be “healed” or “cleansed” by using various techniques or methods, such as bathing, walking in the rain, smudging, meditation, mantras, chants, energy healing therapy, special crystals, certain rituals, or by carrying out specific exercises, among others.

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