Odic Life Force | Carl von Reichenbach

Published: Mar 31, 2022 | Revised: Jun 7, 2022
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Odic Force | Carl von Reichenbach

© Image by Kristijan Arsov

The term Odic Force was coined by Baron Carl von Reichenbach (1788 – 1869) to describe a mysterious, all-permeating Life Principle, Vital Life Force, or Universal Life Energy. Odic Force, also called Od or Odyle is a reference to (or perhaps rather a tribute to, if you like) the prominent Germanic and Scandinavian God Odin.

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Od is thought to be a force i.e power radiated by most substances while penetrating all plants, animals, and humans. It surrounds everything that exists and it’s also thought that the Odic Force can be seen by “sensitive” people. Although Od or Odyle has the same connotations as Indian Prana or Chinese Qi, it’s not associated with wind, breath, or breathing, but rather with electricity, electromagnetism, and heat.

Additionally, Odyle is transferable from person to person, for instance through the fingertips, but also via the mouth or forehead. According to Reichenbach, Odic Force explains several mysterious phenomena, such as hypnotism, psychic abilities, dowsing (water-witching), and aura reading.

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