Sen Sip Energy Line Branches and Extensions

Published: Sep 2, 2021 | Revised: Jun 12, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Sen Sip Energy Line Branches and Extensions

As we know, the number of Sen Lines is not ten (10), but much more, said to be 72,000 in total. Nevertheless, 72,000 was most likely just a (Buddhist) way to say “a lot,” but there are indeed many more Sen Lines than only ten to be counted.

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In practice, when giving Thai Massage Sen Line therapy, in fact, even when we learn Thai Massage, we do manipulate additional Sen Lines. These extra lines are usually called extensions or branches of the Sib Sen main set of ten lines.

Extensions are directly connected to a main Sen Line, and branches can be connected to main Sen Lines or connected to Sen Line extensions.

What makes them extensions or branches of a certain Sen Line is the fact that they have the same therapeutic indications as the main Sen Line they (belong to or) are to be counted to.

Examples of well-known extensions are those of Sen Kalathari at the backside of the body and the Sen Sumana extension at the backside of the spinal column and the branches following the mid-line of the back-thighs and calves.

So, when we learn the Sib Sen, the ten Sen, we concentrate on mastering the trajectories and manipulations of the main lines, but as said, in practice, we do work with the extensions and branches also, knowingly or unknowingly.

Understanding which lines are extensions and branches of what main Sen Sip Energy Line can make us more proficient Thai Massage therapists in dealing with a certain ailment or discomfort.

Sen Sib Energy Lines – Quick Reference

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