Thai Sib Sen – Sen Pingkhala

Published | Updated June 30, 2019

Thai Sib Sen – Sen Pingkhala
Sen Pingkhala is the counterpart of Sen Ittha and one of the 10 Thai Sib Sen or Energy lines from Traditional Thai Massage and Thai Yoga (Reusi Datton).

Sen Pingkhala (runs at the right side of the body) starts at the right nostril, travels up the head and down the neck, becomes line one at the back, crosses the buttocks and moves down the third outside line on the right thigh. Changes then to the front of the body, crossing the knee and becomes the first inside line on the right thigh. Goes up the abdomen and stops one thumb distance right of the navel.

Sen Ittha (left side of the body) runs similar as Pingkhala, but on the left side.

Therapeutic indications:
Headaches, stiff neck, nose problems, sinusitis, colds, abdominal pains, restless legs, urinary tract disorders, back pains and knee pains, disease of gallbladder and liver.

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