Thai Sen Line Injuries and Obstructions

Published | Updated May 25, 2020
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Thai Sib Sen Line Injuries and Obstructions

Health issues with the Thai Sib Sen Energy Lines can be divided up into injuries (breakages) and blockages. Let’s take a look at the differences:


Sen Lines may get injured and “break” because of muscle and tendon strains, nerve damage, bruises, and bone damages. In most cases these breakages are caused by external events or accidents leading to an injury.

An injured or broken Sen Line causes energy to “leak” creating pains in the surrounding tissue, and one will typically see swellings, inflammations, redness, and sensitivity in the immediate area.

Treatment of Sen breakages are of a “cold” nature, which means that injuries are treated with, for instance, ice packs or cold herbal compresses. Furthermore, a therapist will never manipulate the injured area of the Sen directly, but only the surrounding (healthy) area, that is, the parts of the Sen that are still functioning, trying to lead surplus energy away from the location.

When swelling and inflammation subside, the Sen Line injury can then be further treated as a Sen blockage (or obstruction, see below).


Sen obstructions or blockages are the Sib Sen Line problems therapists more commonly deal with. Obstructed Sen may show or feel as muscle contraction, knots and tangles, tendonitis, stiffness, hardness, sensitivity, soaring pains, weakness and numbness or even total dysfunction of an area in the body.

Causes of blockages are usually chronic circumstances, such as fatigue, stress, bad posture, repetitive strains, or old injuries.

In Sen theory, blockages are seen as hindrances of Prana Life Energy distribution to the organs, limbs and other tissues. As a rule, the area of the Sen obstruction is treated directly with “hot treatments” on the problematic location with acupressure, pressure, hot herbal compresses, and with hot baths, and such.

Like with Sen injuries, the goal of the treatment is to lead surplus (blocked) energy away from the location, spreading it through the Sen and making the energy “flow.”

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