Ruesi Datton | Performing Self Stretching Exercises

Published: Aug 31, 2021
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Ruesi Datton | Performing Self Stretching Exercises

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Ruesi Datton Self Stretching exercises (Thai Yoga) are typically repeated two or three times, while holding the breath about three seconds in maximum range of motion, and by using strength while doing an exercise.

A whole, meaningful set of exercises usually takes between twenty-five to thirty-five minutes, but this can be longer or shorter depending on how long you hold the breath and pose, and on how many repetitions you do per exercise.

It’s certainly possible to repeat an exercise more than three times, like four or five times, etc. This will make an exercise set take longer, of course, but also increase health benefits. In fact, when applying Reusi Datton for therapeutic purposes, the number of repetitions will generally increase.

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The same counts for holding your breath. It’s thought that the longer you hold your breath in the maximum position or stretch, the more effective the exercise will be. As for which breathing techniques to use, please read our post Breathing Techniques.

Nevertheless, many Reusi Dat Ton teachers don’t apply strength in the exercises, although it’s the official, traditional way to do so. The same counts for breathing techniques. Many teachers don’t teach a specific kind of breathing, but here also, traditionally it’s instructed to do so.

In any case, if it’s applicable for a certain stretching exercise, it will be applied for both the left and right side of the body i.e. for the left and right leg, left and right arm, and so on.

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