Reusi Dat Ton | Styles and Applications in Thailand

Published: Jan 22, 2020
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Reusi Datton Styles and Applications in Thailand

The way Reusi Datton (Reusi Dat Ton) is practiced and taught in Thailand knows a variety of styles, and the practical applications attached to those styles. A certain style taught is generally related to the application, and we’ll going to take a look at this tandem in this post.

1. Meditation

There are Reusi Dat Ton teachers and practitioners who stress the meditative aspects of Reusi Datton. They focus on the flow of energy in the body, how poses, chants, visualizations and sequences affect concentration and awareness nurturing a meditative sphere and goal in line with the origins of Reusi Datton.

This style and application is basically the way of the ancient Rishis (Reusis), Buddhist Monks, and Forest Hermits who used Reusi Datton to stretch, massage and heal themselves, and prepare and train for an improved meditation and spiritual practice.

2. Thai Traditional Dance

In the world of Thai Traditional Dance we see that Reusi Datton may be practiced to be able to better perform the various typical Thai Dance techniques and movements. Aspects of grace, flexibility and balance (equilibrium) get significant attention in this style of Reusi Datton.

A beautiful illustration of this aspect and style you can witness in the video The Hermit’s Art of Healing – Self Physical Healing – part 1

3. Fitness and Prevention

One of the more common styles is that of doing Reusi Datton for fitness and as a means of preventive medicine. The general sets of the Watpo Thai Massage School (18 poses) and the ITTM Thai Public Health Department (15 poses), for instance, are aimed at these aspects.

These are relatively “soft” styles and sets of teaching and practicing Reusi Datton, with movements, sequences and poses that can be done by everyone (young and old), and which address a complete, carefully designed set for moving, strengthening and stretching the complete body.

4. Cardio Training

There are also teachers who use Reusi Datton as a kind of cardio training, using power, dynamic exercises, effort and strength in combination with certain breathing techniques. The purpose of cardio training is developing cardiovascular or aerobic fitness and it generally involves exercising at a constant moderate level of intensity, for a specified duration, during which the cardiovascular system is allowed to replenish oxygen to active muscles.

This style of Reusi Datton, for instance, is practiced by Master Kong from the Thai Yoga Massage School Bangkok who lays focus on cardio training, among other aspects, to be honest.

5. Self-Stretching & Self-Massage

Sometimes, Reusi Datton is seen as a pure relaxation practice done to simply stretch, massage and relax the muscles. It can be used before or after a hike, intensive sports, before or after giving a Thai Massage session, or by martial arts practitioners who need to be flexible and supple.

6. Therapy

Reusi Datton can also be used as additional therapy besides Thai Massage. In this case, Reusi Datton techniques are used as an extra help for clients, that is, clients can be taught how to do certain exercises at home to improve, promote and stimulate their healing process.

Focus of these kinds of Reusi Datton training is on the therapeutic i.e. healing function of a certain exercise or series of exercises using concepts of Thai Traditional Medicine, such as knowledge and application of the Thai Sib Sen Energy lines.

7. Conclusion

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Most of the time Reusi Datton training has a variety of aims, but one will see that a certain trainer will often have a specific style and targeted practical application in mind. Teachings usually depend on the lineage of the teacher and/or on a very clear goal of the training given.

Mind also that, with a particular style, certain breathing techniques are used or not used, strength and power or not, a number of repetitions of poses, or a preferred set time to stay in a certain pose, and so on, and so on.

Reusi Datton variations are sheer endless, nevertheless it’s basically always clear what the primordial style, concepts, thoughts, and applications are behind a certain way of practicing of a particular Reusi Datton instructor.

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