Thai Self-Massage for the Feet and Legs

Published: Nov 5, 2021
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Man giving self-massage for the foot

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In this post, I explain a Thai Self-Massage sequence I use to treat the legs and feet. The video you can watch further below is part of our Video Workshop Thai Self-Massage. The snippet only shows the sequence for the right foot and leg, which can be done for the left side also (and which, by the way, is also demonstrated in the Video Workshop).

Feet and Legs Session

I start the Thai Self Massage session with massaging the feet and legs. Mind that there’s no special obligation or directive in Thai Massage to start with the feet. In Thailand, some masseurs begin with the head, or even with the back or abdomen. It all depends on the Thai Massage lineage, the preference of the masseur, or the need of the client.

You will notice that I begin with the right feet. The same thing as mentioned above counts for starting with either the left or right side of the body. Doing one or the other depends on lineage, preference, or perhaps therapeutic indication.

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In Thai Massage you generally work back and forth a Sen Energy Line section or body part. That is, you will at least pass twice over the same area. You can always pass more times if you feel the need to. It really doesn’t matter if you start at the beginning or the end of a Sen Line section or body part. It’s about passing at least twice.

Another thing you might notice is that I often massage in a kind of “rocking” motion, moving the entire body while massaging. This is pretty much the typical way of carrying out Thai Massage, that is, by creating a flow and a rhythm.

In any case, on top of the feet and under the feet you will find Sen Kalathari (five lines on top and five lines under the feet). You will see that I massage these Sen Kalathari branch lines.

Going up the leg I massage
  ◾ the calves and the shin muscles (three Energy Line sections on each side of the lower leg). Line 1 inside is situated just under i.e. along the shin bone. Line 1 outside also lies along the shin bone. Mind that Line 3 on the inside of the lower leg is in fact the middle of the calves (Sen Sumana branch line). Line 3 outside the lower leg is between the calf muscle and the Fibularis Longus muscle. The Lines 2 inside and outside the lower leg are located exactly in the middle.
  ◾ the knee (on top and the back),
  ◾ the side of the thighs (three Energy Line sections on each side of the thighs), front thighs (Quadriceps muscles), and back of the thighs (middle line i.e. Sen Sumana branch line).

To massage the legs and feet I use different techniques
  ◾ acupressure with the thumbs (thumbing);
  ◾ palming (with the palms of the hand);
  ◾ knuckle press (knuckles of the fist);
  ◾ circling (with the fingers and with the heel of the hand);
  ◾ pulling (with the fingers);
  ◾ acupressure with the elbows;
  ◾ forearm rolls.

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You will notice that I use different sitting and leg positions to access the various parts.

The Sen Sip Lines that come into play while massaging the lower and upper leg are: Sen Sumana branches (mid-line calves and thighs), Sen Kalathari and Sen Kalathari extensions, Sen Ittha and Sen Pingkhala plus certain extensions, Sen Sahatsarangsi and Sen Thawari.

If you feel pain while giving acupressure with the thumbs or elbows on the Sen Lines of the legs, please stop doing so and only perform hand-palming on the area.

Here below then you find the video that demonstrates the Self-Massage sequence for the right foot and leg, which should also be done for the left foot and left leg.

Thai Self-Massage Feet and Legs Video Example

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