Thai Self Massage Treatment | Chest and Back Exercises

Published: Sep 20, 2021 | Revised: Jan 20, 2024
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Thai Self Massage Treatment for the Chest and Back

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In this post, I explain the Thai Self Massage sequence I use to treat the chest and back. Thai Self Massage is part of Reusi Dat Ton practices. The video you can watch further below is part of our Video Workshop Thai Self-Massage.

Thai Self-Massage Chest and Back Session

Chest Massage Techniques
I start with moving up the sternum while massage-circling the middle of the chest with my fingers, up to the collar bone. This involves the Sib Sen Energy Lines Sen Sumana and extensions, and Sen Ittha and Sen Pingkhala extensions.

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I then circle-massage the pectoral muscles of the chest (or simply said: the chest muscles). It’s a region where Sen Kalathari passes, but also Sen Sumana extensions, Sen Lawusang, Sen Ulangka, Sen Sahatsarangsi, and Sen Thawari.

You will also see me massaging between the ribs with my fingers. It’s an area where you’ll often find quite some knots, adhesions, and tension.

Another thing you will notice is that I firmly lift the pectoral muscles from the side with the thumbs, giving acupressure along the muscles.

And finally, I apply acupressure with the thumbs along (under) the collar bone (Sen Kalathari).

Back Massage Techniques
On the back I apply acupressure directly along the spinal column (in the groove) on Sen Ittha and Sen Pingkhala. I also apply acupressure a little bit further away from the spine, on the longitudinal muscles (Sen Kalathari extensions).

You will see me using the thumbs to give acupressure and circle-massage just above the sacrum (and also a bit on the sacrum), going back and forth horizontally along the lower back region.

And finally, I use the fists to press back and forth along (the sides of) the spinal column.

Thai Massage Chest and Back Video Example

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