Thai Massage Stretches and the Sib Sen Energy Lines

Published: Jun 10, 2020 | Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Thai Massage Stretches and the Sib Sen Energy Lines

Apart from the frequently used acupressure and pressure techniques to manipulate the Sib Sen Energy Lines, assisted Thai Massage stretches are an additional, widely used technique to manipulate and open-up the Sen.

As it is, certain stretches have health benefits for specific Sen Lines and in this post we will give an overview of what kind of stretches go with what kind of Sen Line.

Note that we will use some commonly used names for stretches as used in Indian Yoga Asanas, such as the Cobra, Fish and Pigeon Pose, the Locust and Plough:

  • The Cobra Pose is a reclining backwards back-bending pose.
  • The Fish Pose is a backwards back-bending posture that opens up the chest, throat, and abdomen.
  • The Pigeon Pose is a kneeling backwards back-bending asana that stretches chest, neck, but also the upper thighs.
  • The Locust Pose, like the Cobra is a reclining backwards back-bending posture.
  • The Plough Pose (or Plow) is an inverted yoga posture that stretches the spine and shoulders.

Sen Sumana

All stretches that open-up the chest area are specifically beneficial for Sen Sumana. Yet, as Sumana runs along the spinal column, forward bends have health benefits also.

In general one could say that Cobra stretches, Fish pose, other backwards back bends, spinal twists, but also forward bends have a positive effect on clearing Sen Sumana.

Sen Ittha & Sen Pingkhala

Forward back bends, hamstring stretches (back of the thigh), neck stretches, and the Plough benefit Ittha and Pingkhala.

Sen Kalathari

To stretch Sen Kalathari, spinal twists, leg stretches, hip stretches and openers, arm and leg stretches, Pigeon, Locust and Cobra poses are commonly used.

Sen Sahatsarangsi & Sen Thawari

Cobra, Pigeon and other backwards back bends, stretches for the ilio-psoas and abdomen, hip stretches are beneficial for Sahatsarangsi and Thawari.

Sen Lawusang & Sen Ulangka

Lawusang and Ulangka benefit from Cobra stretches and other backwards back bends, neck stretches, and the plough stretch.

Sen Nanthakrawat & Sen Kitchanna

Abdominal stretches, groin stretches, spinal twists, backwards and forward back bends are used to clear Nanthakrawat and Kitchanna.

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