What Is Sen Line Therapy? | Thai Massage

Published: Aug 23, 2023 | Revised: Jan 21, 2024
Written by: Marce Ferreira

What Is Sen Line Therapy?

Sen Line Therapy involves the manipulation of specific Sib Sen Energy Lines to either maintain health or to cure an illness, ailment, or discomfort.

To know which Sen Lines to work on one should first assess or diagnose the client i.e. patient in order to know what the complaints are, and moreover — to come to an idea of the underlying causes.

Typically, in the Thai healing arts this will involve a holistic assessment procedure, that is, the process of collecting broad, all-inclusive and integral information about a client’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual situation in order to provide effective, safe, and individualized massage treatments.

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As such, proper assessment is perhaps half of the work and consists of a variety of techniques, such as palpation, inquiries, observations, and intuition, in combination with determining imbalances in the Four Elements, among other things. We’ve explained this more thoroughly in our post about Traditional Thai Diagnostics.

After we’ve come to an idea of which Sen Energy Lines are affected (i.e. obstructed or blocked) the Thai Massage therapist will design a plan to work on those specific Energy Channels.

This can be done with a wide variety of techniques, notably (thumb) acupressure and hand palm pressure, but also, for instance, with assisted stretches or herbal compresses.

The idea of working on the Sib Sen Lines is to stimulate the unobstructed flow of Prana Life Energy (Lom Pran), to rebalance excesses and depletions of Prana in the body, and to work on Sen Line injuries and blockages, depending on what is the case.

The final aim of Sen Line Therapy is to maintain or restore health, that is, proper functioning of the client’s body and mind.

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