Thai Dance and Reusi Datton Exercises

Published: Aug 28, 2021 | Revised: Mar 18, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Thai Dance and Reusi Datton Exercises

When you watch a Thai Traditional Dance performance show you will notice that many moves and gestures resemble those found in Reusi Dat Ton.

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There’s no coincidence here; some even claim that Thai Dance is actually derived from Reusi Dat Ton poses and sequences.

That sounds perhaps far-fetched, but it’s not uncommon within ancient cultures that knowledge about mankind, the human body, or even about the creation of the universe was preserved in traditional dances.

For instance, to stick with Thailand, there are certain Thai Dance sequences that depict the trajectories of the Sip Sen Energy Lines.

In Thailand, it’s also very common to “dance” Reusi Dat Ton sequences. That is, Thai theater and dance companies, but also art students, quite regularly give dance performances based on the poses of the 80 Reusi Dat Ton statues of Wat Pho, the Wat Pho 18 Self-Stretching exercises, or ITTM 15 Hermit Yoga poses.

Within the world of Thai Traditional Dance there are also practitioners who extensively use Reusi Dat Ton exercises to enhance their dance techniques and movements.

As such, you will find adapted Reusi Dat Ton training styles that are heavily focused on aspects of grace, flexibility, body control, coordination, and equilibrium.

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