Best Tok Sen Training Courses in Chiang Mai

Published | Updated April 23, 2019

Best Tok Sen Training Courses in Chiang Mai
Thai Tok Sen is a Thai Healing art especially practiced and taught in and around Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand). Tok Sen uses a little wooden hammer and a wedge (usually made of wood, bone or ivory) to tap along the Thai Ten Sen Energy Lines of the body.

The rhythmical tapping and sound vibrations work through the tissue and muscles down to the tendons and attachments with the bones. Tok Sen is used to clear blocked (Life) energy, improve blood circulation and alleviate muscle and nerve tensions, problems and pains.

The list below briefly discusses the best Tok Sen courses and schools offerings in Chiang Mai. For detailed filtering visit our Training in Thailand page.

Chiang Mai Spa Academy

The Chiang Mai Spa Academy offers a 30 hour Tok Sen (Lanna Wisdom Massage) course.

CLS Massage School

CLS Massage school offers a 5 day (40 hours) group lesson Tok Sen course.

Hangdong Thai Massage School

The Hang Dong Thai Massage School specializes in Lanna Folk healing arts such as Tok Sen and Thai Fire Therapy (Yam Khang). Students learn from the renowned teacher Bunchu Chantrabut (Master Boonchu).


Jindamanee offers a Tok Sen 1 and Tok Sen 2 course of each 2 days. Level 2 focusses on therapeutic aspects. Level 1 is to learn the basics of Tok Sen. A foundation Thai Massage training course is required to participate in these courses.

Jongrak Massage School

Jongrak, a school specialized in Lanna Healing courses, offers a 4 day Tok Sen course.

Loi Kroh Massage School

Loi Kroh offers a Tok Sen Level 1 & 2 course. A Basic Thai Massage training is required to be able to participate in these courses. Each Level takes 12 hours (2 days each). Teacher training option is available.

Mahawan Temple Thai Massage Center

Joe offers 3 days Tok Sen massage courses at the Pan Whaen Temple in Chiang Mai.


Omsala School provides a 3 days (18 hours) Thai Tok Sen training.

Ong’s Thai Massage School

Ong’s Massage School offers a 2 days Tok Sen Massage training course. Teacher training option is available also.

Sabai De Ka Massage School

Sabai offers a 3 days (15 hours) Tok Sen training. Students taking the course need to have the knowledge of basic Thai Traditional massage.

Sirichan Massage School

Sirichan offers a 2 day Tok Sen basic course. Afterwards there’s the course option to learn how to use Tok Sen with other Thai healing modalities.

Spa Mantra

Spa Mantra (from ITM Chiang Mai) offers a Tok Sen Ancient Thai Therapy course with a duration of 3 days (15 hours). Teacher training option is available also.

The Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort

The Tao Garden from Mantak Chia offers 3 day Tok Sen courses.

TMC Chiang Mai

The TMC massage school offers a one day Tok Sen workshop.

Fine Art of Thai Massage School

The Fine Art of Thai Massage School offers a combined Therapeutic Thai Massage course with Acupressure points, Tok Sen and Herbal Compresses. Duration 5 days (30 hours).

The School of Massage for Health

The School of Massage for Health (SMH) provides Tok Sen courses on request.

Timmy’s Thai Massage Training Center

Timmy offers a basic and advanced level of Tok Sen training of each 2 days.

TTC Spa School

The TTC Spa school offers a basic and advanced Thai Tok Sen course of each 3 days.

Waulai Thaimassage

Waulai Thaimassage in Chiang Mai provides Tok Sen courses given by the renowned teacher Ajarn Somphong Prapharat.

Viengping Chiang Mai

Viengping Chiang Mai (for Japanese women) offers a 6 day (50 hours) Tok Sen course. Prerequisites are their Thai Massage Level 1 + 2 courses.

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