Tok Sen Courses and Workshops in Bangkok

Published | Updated March 15, 2019

Tok Sen Courses and Workshops in Bangkok
Thai Tok Sen is a Northern Thai Healing modality widely practiced and taught in the Chiang Mai area, where you’ll also find most of the schools that offer Tok Sen courses.

The technique incorporates the use of a small wooden hammer and a chisel or wedge (made of wood, bone or ivory) to rhythmically tap along the so-called Thai Sib Sen (energy channels) of the body.

The shortlist below shows a list of Thai massage schools in Bangkok offering Thai Tok Sen training courses and workshops. For detailed filtering visit our Training in Thailand page.

Lanna Thai Spa Academy

The Lanna Thai Spa Academy in Bangkok offers a broad variety of both Thai, other Asian and Western spa courses and workshops. [Read More...]

Pani Spa & Thai Massage

The Pani Spa Center in Bangkok offers a broad package of both Traditional Thai and Western bodywork treatment services and training courses. [Read More...]

School for Tok Sen Therapy

The school offers training in Thai Tok Sen and runs an extensive shop for wooden Tok Sen tools. [Read More...]

Thai Facial Treatment & Training Center

This center in Bangkok is specialized in Thai Facial treatment and courses. Also offers an instructor training program. Besides Facial Massage training a broad range of trainings in [Read More...]

Thai Healing Art Institute

© Thai Healing Art Institute The Thai Healing Art Institute (also named Boulder Thai Massage School) has a branch in the USA (Boulder, CO) and in Thailand (Bangkok). The school is [Read More...]

Thai Herbal Massage School (THM)

This Thai Massage school in Bangkok is focused on Japanese students and specializes in Herbal ball compress Massage. [Read More...]

Thai Massage & Spa Academy

The Thai massage school and TARALA spa in Bangkok offer a wealth of both Thai and Western bodywork and massage training course modalities. [Read More...]

TTC Spa School | Thai Massage Training Center

The TTC Spa School is a well-known Thai Massage school in both Thailand and overseas. The training center offers specialty massage courses, Spa & Wellness course modalities, and [Read More...]

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