Thai Acupressure with the Thumbs and Sen Line Work

Published: Jul 6, 2024 | Revised: Jul 14, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Thai acupressure for the legs applied with the thumbs

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In Thai Massage, acupressure can be applied with different body parts, such as the fingers, knuckles, hand palms, elbows, knees, and feet. However, the most common way to give Thai Acupressure is by using the thumbs.

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Further below in this post, you’ll find a video that demonstrates various Thai Massage thumbing techniques, each having a different feel and quality for the receiver. In addition, for the masseur they also mean a different way of working. For instance, when placing one thumb on the other you can give more pressure, when placing the thumbs side by side (either in parallel or with the tips touching each other) you can cover more body area, and so on.

Although this video is not specifically meant to demonstrate Sen Energy Line work, it still gives a general idea of how Thai masseurs manipulate Sip Sen Lines with acupressure during a (general purpose) Thai Massage session, that is, going up and down a line, also called “walking the line.” In this particular case, I “walk the Sen Line” of the lower inside part of the right leg on the calf muscle, directly under the shin bone. This energy line is part of Sen Thawari.

To learn more about applying Thai Acupressure and what the differences are between the various techniques, you may check out our in-depth article How to Give Thai Acupressure?

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