Chants, Mantras, and Visualizations in Massage Therapy

Published: Jan 29, 2021 | Revised: Feb 17, 2023
Written by: Marce Ferreira

Chants, Mantras, and Visualizations in Massage Therapy

Notably in spiritually oriented massage sessions embedded in (indigenous) traditional medicine systems, the massage therapist (in these cases usually called a folk healer) may use chants, prayers, songs, musical instruments, Mantras, visualizations, ceremonies, Japa, invocations, and/or incantations before, during, and/or after a treatment.

The reasons of using these tools may vary, and can include ideas of appeasing or exorcising “evil spirits,” patient auto-suggestion, deep relaxation, invoking healing powers or help of beneficial religious entities or saints, and such.

Sometimes these rituals and ceremonies are rather extensive and take a large part of the session time, but in other cases it can take form of a simple, brief moment of concentration, meditation or short prayer before the treatment, such as the Wai Khru before a Thai Massage session.

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