Best Thai Yoga (Reusi Dat Ton) Training in Thailand

Published: Dec 2, 2019 | Updated: Jul 16, 2021

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Best Thai Yoga Training in Thailand

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Before we kick off, I’d first like to explain that we’re not going to look at the best Thai Massage or Thai Yoga Massage training in Thailand, but at Thai Traditional Yoga, which in Thailand is called Rue-Si Datton, Rusie Datton or Ruesri Dat Ton, among a whole lot of other labels.

Moreover, we’re also going to skip those massage schools and trainers in Thailand that only offer a thin introduction of a few hours or perhaps one  day, or offer just a warming up before the daily Thai Massage classes. You will see below that offerings of real in-depth training programs are scarce, but we’ll give it our best shot to dig up the options for you.

Perhaps an anomaly, but you will also notice that each individual school gives its own name to Reusi Dat Ton. Unfortunately there’s no naming convention which often makes it difficult to find adequate training. We’ve written about this phenomenon in a former post.

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Having said all that—let’s go:

Loi Kroh Massage School & Yoga

Loi Kroh Massage & Yoga in Chiang Mai is perhaps the massage school with the longest history of Reusri Dat Ton training in Chiang Mai. Teacher Coocky Tassanee Boonsom offers a training program of 200 poses, divided in four training levels of 50 poses and sequences. Students need to practice each level for a minimum of 6 months before continuing with the next level at the school. The school also offers a teacher training program for all Ruesri Dat Ton levels.

Chiangmai Classic Art Thai Massage

Classic Art Thai Massage School in Chiang Mai has a one-day course of eight hours consisting of 108 poses. It sounds somewhat bizarre that one would learn 108 poses in just 1 day, and it is. Nevertheless, we mention this school because it has a solid reputation for its Ruesi Datton training (by the way, they call Thai Yoga Lucy Dutton, which is common among Japanese). My advice would be to re-take the training course several times to become proficient. There’s also a Reusi Datton teacher training program.

Timmy’s Thai Massage

Ajarn Timmy’s Thai Massage center in Chiang Mai offers a Thai Yoga Reusri Dat Ton training that can be taken from one up to five days.

Ong’s Thai Massage School

Ong’s training center in Chiang Mai has two Rusie Dutton courses: a Thai Yoga Rusie Dutton course taking two days and an Advanced 90 Positions course which takes five days. Ong also offers an instructor training program.

Siam Health Culture Center

The SHCC Siam Health Culture Center in Bangkok is a Ruesi Datton training specialist. The majority of students are Japanese, but the trainings are certainly also open for other nationalities. You will find a wide variety of Thai Yoga programs: Reusi Datton Foundation (43 poses, 15 hours), Reusi Datton Upper Grade (59 poses, 20 hours), Reusi Datton Master (35 hours, teacher training), and the Reusi Datton General Master (20 days) with which you can train other students to become a teacher.

Yoga Massage School Thailand Metta

The Yoga Massage School in Bangkok from Ajarn Kong offers a Ruesi Datton Basic training of five days (10 hours), a Professional training of five days (10 hours), and a five-day (10 hour) Thai Yoga Ruesi Datton teacher training program.

Suai Thai Massage Training Center

The Suai Thai Massage Training Center in Phuket offers a Rusie Dutton program of 200 poses (30 preparatory exercises and 170 exercise poses). The school offers a Rusie Dutton level 1 package of four days, a Rusie Dutton level 2 package of also four days, and a three weeks combined Rusie Dutton instructor package program (Rusie Level 1 + Level 2 + instructor training).

eBook - Wat Pho’s Rue-Si Datton Ascetic Self-Stretching Exercises eBook - Thai Healing Arts Reference Book eBook - ITTM’s 15 Contorted Hermit Exercises

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